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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fiji media blocked from reporting on EU aid

Fiji TV, the Fiji Times and the Indian newspaper, Shanti Dut, were banned from reporting the cancellation of more than 70 million dollars of European Union aid to cane farmers.

The aid money was the allocation earmarked for 2009 to help cane farmers overcome declining sugar prices.

Many who subscribe to Fiji Television news headlines received a notification on their mobile phones saying the 6pm news would feature the EU story.

But the story failed to appear - the bulletin instead went with the appointment of Pita Wise as permanent secretary in the interim Prime Minister’s office as its lead.

We have been told the EU aid money story, was removed at the order of the Ministry of Information censors.

The Daily Post, Fijivillage and the government-owned Fiji Broadcasting Corporation were able to evade censors and run the story.


Keep The Faith said...


Again. Another episode of side-stitches from ROFLMAO on my part with this one.

What can they do to stop the coconut wireless?

Now what they really need is to put another set of illegal regulations out there stopping folks from talking to each other - DUH!

Anonymous said...

Does this regime think that it can control the free sharing of info amongst the oppressed? Sorry Leweni! You can do all you want but it will never curtail the circulation of news on the abuse process going on in Government.