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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Turia wants Maori delegation to visit Fiji

The Maori Party co-leader, Tariana Turia, says she wants a team of prominent Maori to go to Fiji to try to sort out the current crisis.

Under the self imposed leadership of Commodore Frank Bainimarama, Fiji is becoming increasingly isolated and has now been suspended from the Pacific Island Forum.

But Mrs Turia says New Zealand's harsh approach is wrong.

"We've talked about this and we believe that there is a way forward and we should talking with Fiji rather than adopting the stance that we have," she says.

She believes the way forward is sending a high-powered Maori delegation to engage in dialogue with Fiji.

Mrs Turia has singled out the Ngati Tuwharetoa leader Tumu Te Heuheu, the Maori King, Tuheitia Paki to make up the small delegation that would visit Fiji.

The regime has recently sacked judges, suspended the constitution, muzzled the media and refused to hold elections, prompting New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, to label Bainimarama a dictator.

But Mrs Turia told the TV One current affairs programme, Q and A, the Commodore has been misunderstood.

"He is saying he is attempting to combat racism and certain things that have been going on in Fiji for some time...we think we should find exactly what is happening there."

Mrs Turia says the Maori Party co-leader, Pita Sharples, would go with any delegation but it will be up to the Prime Minister, John Key, to approve the trip.

Mr Key has told ONE News the delegation could only go in a private capacity.

"As long as they go in their capacity as leaders of the Maori Party and as New Zealanders but not representing the government," he says.

"The government is going to continue to negotiate for democracy in Fiji through the Pacific Forum leaders and through the Commonwealth."

Mr Key says he would be surprised if a Maori negotiating team succeeded where others have failed.

One Network News


Anonymous said...

With great respect to Turia and the Maori community, please stay home.

If you think Bainimarama is misunderstood then it is you that is misinformed. Try talking to the Fijian Community in NZ first.

Bainimarama is not at all sincere about his motives for doing what he is doing. Please undersand that and do not pander to his already bloated ego

Anonymous said...

If so speak to all leaders please not just Frank like that silly sole samoan congressman did.

Anonymous said...

Seems like it's a bit late for that, Franks motive behind his reason for the coup keeps changing like the wind.

ex Fiji tourist said...

First it was to get rid of corruption. Since then the corruption of the moronic military junta has been highlighted daily. There is no where else on this earth where nepotism and skull drudgery is practiced by a military junta to such a fine art.

meanwhile, there has only been ONE successful prosecution for corruption in 2 years; for stealing some fish. BIG DEAL!

Secondly it was to .... blah, blah.

Thirdly, it was to blah, blah.

Now it is to make the perfect coffee making machine; all words and lies from hairyarse and his moronic military junta.

The NZ folk would be better off asking bananasinpyjamas why he has killed so many people and told so many lies.

Karen Gushta said...

Tumu Te Heuheu and King Paki, will eventually need to choose between the corrupt Fijian Chiefs, or the Indians who want freedom! This is a no brainer so why bother?

FijiGirl said...

The Maori Queen attended the late Ratu Mara's state funeral. Perhaps this group has been courted by the Mara daughters. I agree with Anon above - better for the Maori community to stay home. Baini won't give them the truth of the matter.
God bless Fiji

Karen Gushta said...

Looks like Fiji CENSORSHIP is spreading to blogs too!

Karen Gushta said...

Looks like Fiji free speech is spreaing to blogs too!

Anonymous said...

The Maori Party leadership should try to understand the difficulties that the citizens of Fiji are facing instead of trying to hold discussions with the military dictators. Are they so naive that they cannot see the suffering that the people are going through because of the stubborness of this regime?