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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

337 lawyers get licence from regime

337 lawyers have been granted practicing certificates by the interim regime, following the rendering of the Fiji Law Society last month.

In a paid advertisement in today's Fiji Times, Acting Chief Registrar Ana Rokomokoti provided the names of the 337 lawyers.

But our sources say there are a total of 375 lawyers who were members of the Law Society.

This mean 48 lawyers are yet to be granted licences, most possibly because they didn't apply.

We can confirm that prominent Suva lawyer Graham Leung did not apply for a practicing certificate.

Other prominent lawyers who were given certificates are Law Society President Dorsami Naidu, Suva lawyers Hemendra Nagin, Richard Naidu, Jon Apted, Ba lawyer Dr Muhammad Samshu Din Sahu Khan, and regime's vocal critics Akuila Naco and Ratu Savenaca Komaisavai.

The Law Society had decided that all lawyers should apply for the certificate because failure to do so would jeopardise the interests of their clients.

Ousted Chairperson of Fiji Human Rights Commission and former Ombudsman Dr Shaista Shameem has also been granted a practicing certificate.

Shameem, a staunch supporter of Frank Bainimarama's regime until the abrogation of the Constitution on 10th April when she lost her job, is likely to enter private practice as reported by Coupfourpointfive two months ago.


Anonymous said...

Hope she doesn't get 2 many human rights cases.

mark manning said...

Shameem, in not continuing to support the Regime since the purported abrogation of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji Islands, has inadvertently admitted that the Constitution she previously ignored, is in fact, by her own admission, the supreme Law of the Land !
This inevitably, by her previous actions in supporting the Regime in the past, makes her guilty of high treason, potentially.

Anonymous said...

But did anyone notice the conditions published by the illegal Registrar-Ana Roko-mokotifrank. There was a condition that all legal firms must ensure that for the law company to practise all lawyers in that firm must each have a practising licence.

This is to ensure the demise of lawyers who stand their ground like Graham Leung and refuse to apply for a licence. For Leung's firm to contnue to practise Graham must termnate his connection to his law firm.

Rokomokotifrank is just as sly and evil as her idol Frank Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

But hopefully not his Island - he'll get there
- be one of a select few who'll come out of intact & strengthed - whats that about prophets in own lands?