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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Accountants told to cancel key speakers

The Police Comissioner, Esala Teleni, has written to the Fiji Institute of Accountants telling it to cancel three people already confirmed to speak at the Fiji Institute of Accountants Congress.

The two-day conference starts this Friday in Nadi.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that FIA President, Murray McKenzie, received a letter from Teleni yesterday afternoon, at 3pm. In the letter, Teleni demanded that keynote speaker, academic Dr Brij Lal, outspoken lawyer and former Fiji Law Society President Graham Leung and, prominent Suva lawyer Richard Naidu be removed as speakers and panelists from the Congress.

Dr Lal had already arrived from Canberra, for the conference. According to the programme, Leung was to speak after Lal had made the keynote address. Lal, Leung and Naidu were also panelists, along with interim Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, for the first day of the Congress.

According to sources, Teleni demanded that McKenzie reply to the ultimatum by this morning. He also stated in his letter that should the FIA refuse to remove the three speakers, he would make sure the Congress was cancelled.

Our sources say the FIA has a permit to hold the Congress. The sources say FIA had informed the Commissioner Western Dr Lal, Leung and Naidu were speakers as well as panelists. There were no apparent objections but the permit required the FIA not invite media and to avoid discussing political issues or the current political climate in the country.

Coupfourpointifve has been told that Teleni's letter is likely to have been instigated by Sayed-Khaiyum, who is said to have a habit of developing cold feet, even though he has confirmed his attendance at the conference.

Sources say earlier this year, the interim attorney general failed to turn up as a guest on Fiji Television's Close-Up program to discuss the launch of Movement for Democracy, with Movement Chairman Attar Singh.

It's understood McKenzie and FIA wil agree to Teleni's ultimatum because they do not wasnt to risk cancelling the Congress - even if it goes ahead without Lal, Leung and Naidu.


Keep The Faith said...

Some imagination please FIA!! Surely you can pre-record their statements and make available as DVDs for those interested.

The FIA is gutless and they think they will still have jobs counting money after the military regime's done doing the country over economically? The journo's and lawyers have been done over (inasmuch as they resisted) and the accountants will only be another scalp to the collection.

Anonymous said...

The Pacific Youth Festival were also told to drop Joni Madraiwiwi and Trish Jalal as guest presenters.

The organizers were also told that Jacque Koroi and Pita Waqavonovono should be removed from the organizing committee.

But far from making these people paraiahs, it has instead given them more admiration and kudos

Anonymous said...

Teleni you blockhead...ka ca na susu mai nako!!

Anonymous said...

FIA needs to stand up and be counted and not just be dumb like the (Chinese) who represent Tourism Fiji who say we support the government of the day.

Tourism Fiji supports the rape of freedom and free speech, overthrow of a democratically elected government, the killing of innocent civilians and corruption by the illegal regime and its cronies.

Why do you think tourism numbers have gone down - I advise all my friends do not go to Fiji as you can be raped, thrown in jail or killed and your government will not be able to do anything.


Anonymous said...

I bet that the unqualifed Police Commish Tele is being pushed by illegal AG Khaiyum because he would not stand a chance during the panel discussion whatever the subject will be.

Khaiyum does not want to lose face when he is in the same stage as real lawyers like Graham Leung and Richard Naidu.

Anonymous said...

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