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Friday, June 26, 2009

Army commander continues with the lies

The interim prime minister and army commander, Frank Bainimarama, is lying to the people of Fiji about the status of laws under the New Legal Order.

On Tuesday this week, Radio Legend FM news reported that Bainimarama, while speaking to Dawasami villagers in the province of Tailevu, stated that "not much has changed" since the abrogation of the Constitution on the 10th of April.

While telling villagers the regime will appoint a review team to start work on a new Constitution, Bainimarama said most of the laws under the Constitution have been brought back via the decrees.

But Coupfourpointfive can establish that Bainimarama has lied to the Dawasamu villagers.

Here are just a few examples:

a) The Administrative of Justice Decree has removed the Fiji Law Society as a member of the Judicial Service Commission responsible for appointing judges and magistrates. The Decree doesn't allow cases challenging coup-related activities or the abrogation of the Constitution to be brought before the judiciary
b) The State Services Decree has removed the Constitutional Offices Commission as the appointing authority for indepedent officers like the DPP, the Commissioner of Police, the Supervisor of Elections, the Reserve Bank Governor, the Ombudsman and the Auditor-General etc
c) The State services Decree has stipulated the retirement age of 55 in the civil service yet a number of interim regime officers are still in the job despite being over the limit, including the army commander, the police commissioner and the prisons commissioner
d) The Legal Practitioners Decree has reduced Fiji Law Society to a voluntary organisation, strpping it of all of its regulatory powers, including its authority over lawyers
e) The regime is also interfering in the private sector by decreeing a retirement age of 60 for the 12 municipal councils in Fiji.

The interim regime has also amended laws, like that allowing dual citizenship, which was previously disallowed under the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Well - I suppose lies are all he's got now!

It is interesting though that even with the total eradication of counter-balancing views out of the mass media through Leweni and the PER, Frank and his Regime still continue to hemorrhage support.

Since that has happened despite all his lies to date, and since it has continued on through the PER, what difference does he think these additional lies are going to make? Does he think that if he just keeps telling lies, sooner or later, more people are going to fall for them?

Or could it be perhaps that if he keeps telling lies, sooner or later more and more people are just going to peg him as a liar, and not even bother listening to whatever he says in future?

Anonymous said...

"Isa Lei" Frank telling lies - whatever next?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from somebody so dumb like Voreqe - Varau taka na vatu katakata mo buta va vinaka na lovo.

mark manning said...

Commonwealth Bank loses patience with Fiji :-

mark manning said...

The new Fiji :-

mark manning said...


mark manning said...

No offence to Michael, but he wasn’t the only one living in denial it seems :-


Former Fiji Residents under review in America :-


God is watching us, from a distance :-

Anonymous said...

Frank is so evil that he does not even bat an eyelid when he is lying to the people of this nation. It now comes naturally to him...and the supporters of this regime still believes him!

Anonymous said...

Fiji Military Forces Suspended from United States GPOI


Anonymous said...

Someone should tell those Fijians in the villages, "Sa rauta na vakarogoca na lasu sa da oca mai na rogoca mai na matanitu nei Voreqe" for them to wait up and stop kidding themselves that things are okay with Frank and his government.