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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Assistant DPP booted out by regime

The Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Andie Driu, has been sacked by the newly appointed Acting DPP, John Rabuku.

Rabuku, who was appointed a magistrate under the interim regime's New Legal Order, summoned Driu to his office and handed her the termination letter.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Rabuku accused Driu of being disloyal to what he described as the "government of the day".

Driu replied that her role in the office of the DPP required her to be neutral, independent and show loyalty only to the law and to nothing or nobody else.

Sources say on hearing this, Rabuku terminated her instantly.

Two of Driu's friends, who are not employed at the DPP's office, helped the stunned senior lawyer pack her personal belongings.

Rabuku had warned other DPP lawyers not to help Driu pack her stuff or they would suffer the same fate.

Driu was the most qualified lawyer in the DPP's office, having started work in the mid 1990's after graduating following her tertiary education in Australia. She then did her post-graduate studies and acquired a Master's Degree in law in London.

She was one of three Assistant DPP's. Her dismissal leaves William Kurisaqila as the sole Assistant DPP.

The third post holder, Ashisna Prasad, resigned late last year and has gone abroad with her husband.


  1. It is time for Wilisoni Kurisaqila to make his late father and former Speaker proud and resign from the DPP's Office.

  2. Rabuku who? Just like the Epelis whos. and the mentally deranged Bainimarama who!

  3. @ Anonymous 1.
    Probably would if you'd give him a job?

    Don't ask or expect others too suffer for your convictions - no matter how well intentioned.


  4. Birds of the same feather flock together. Driu was a thorn in the side of this amateurish and young 'Johnny come lately' DPP. She did not have the same feather as them!


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