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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Background to new appointees

Salesi Temo, appointed today as acting judge, was Chief Magistrate under the former Laisenia Qarase government before he was replaced by Naomi Matanitobua.

Matanitobua was not appointed under the New Legal Order when appointments were first made on the 20th of April.

Temo’s younger sister, Salote Kaimacuata, also served as a resident magistrate but resigned a year ago. She is now working at UNICEF in Suva.

Eparama Rokoika, appointed today as a magistrate, was one of the magistrates whose appointment was terminated following the abrogation of the Constitution. Our legal sources are not surprised Rokoika accepted re-appointment under the New Legal Order.

Usaia Ratuvuki, appointed today as a magistrate, was employed as a lawyer at the Fiji Human Rights Commission. It's generally agreed the Commission lost its status as an independent body to safeguard human and constitutional rights and freedoms once the military dictatorship took up the reins after the December 5 2006.

The FHRC Director, who later became its Chairperson and Ombudsman under the interim regime, Dr Shaista Shameem, was vocal in her support of Frank Bainimarama’s regime, but like Ratuvuki lost her job following the abrogation of the Constitution.

Coupfourpointfive legal sources say while Shameem has so far opted not to accept any appointment under the New Legal Order, her earlier support of the regime rubbed off on Ratuvuki.

William Calanchini, who was appointed Judge today, will serve as a High Court civil judge, according to our legal sources. Sources have told us Calanchini also acted as a lawyer for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces during the court martials of those charged in connection with the November 2000 mutiny. Calanchini, an Australian citizen, was appointed as Arbitration Tribunal at the end of 2003.

When the Employment Relations Promulgation (ERP) came into force in April 2008, Calanchini become the Employment Tribunal. The ERP also established an Employment Court. Another Australian citizen, Jocelyn Scutt, was both Employment Court judge as well as a High Court civil judge. She returned to Australia after refusing re-appointment following the abrogation of the Constitution.

Calanchini is likely to serve as Employment Court judge as well. Our sources say as an Arbitration Tribunal and Employment Tribunal, Calanchini delivered many awards and decisions in favour of unions and workers.

Our sources say his appointment is surprising, given some of his recent pro-worker decisions, including the backdating of the restoration of four of the five per cent pay cut for civil servants and staying the retirement of Suva City Council workers over the age of 60. Both decisions were overturned by the regime, via new decrees.


Anonymous said...

The correct name is Usaia Ratuvili who did not want his contract renewed because of the path the FHRC has taken after the coup.

Ratuvili then joined AUSAID for a years contract.

Probably struggling for work Ratuvili has made an about turn and has now accepted an appointment with the Regime.

Ratuvili carries the unique background of having both parents as Methodist Church Talatalas

Bad move and so sad.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't bursting with confidence in the new bench when I saw any of these names.

Even more underwhelmed now after reading this. What did I really expect, I guess.

So is that it? Have they hit Aiyaz's quota limit yet? If they have, I wonder what that means for Shameem and Napolean?

Anonymous said...

Usaia Ratuvili had already been appointed as a Magistrate prior to the abrogation of the constitution and was to have taken up his posting this month in Labasa. Ratuvili was working for the DPP's office before his appointment. He was not struggling for work as the person commenting above said.

Anonymous said...

Money, Money. Money - It is all about the money for these crooks as they would not get a job anywhere else.

Only problem it will soon be all running out given FNPF's new direction (No more paisa as all loaned already to the Interim Government) and the value of their assets is all on paper that can not be liquidated that will never be repaid by this corrupt regime.

The 20% reduction in spening by the Government for the 3rd quarter till the 4th quarter is also a clear indication that the party is over is over for these morons.

Bankrupt, Bankrupt is what Voreqe and his goons have brought to Fiji and they will pay dearly.

SEMI MEO said...

So,...Damned if they did, and damned if they don’t……damned together with the many Solicitors and Barristers, clients and the rest of us who may not have any form of redress made available in this already Dictatorial political environment with Decrees flying every where like flying foxes.

They may be doing all us a big mighty favour…for you see, any empty Judicial or PSC post is an excuse for the military to fill’em up..so the job be done..or do we prefer a Military NCO presiding over a Family Court case where rival couples screaming deceit and all kinda “passion”…phew…no thank you, rather have a qualified Law Bench than some taking bench wiping sweat and all; returning from rifle range.

Anonymous said...

who cares what ratuvili was doing prior to the abrogation. the fact now is he has accepted appointment as a magistrate post abrogation!!

Anonymous said...

Isa...anyone that accepts a post under this military junta is and always going to be seen as a conspiritor to this mess our Fiji is in.To Usaia Ratuvili im sorry but I have to question your intentions on accepting a role as a thug for Voreqe.
Remember "Floreat Viti" i guess not Usaia...so sad my baraca.

Anonymous said...

This uro dude Usaia Ratuvili had already joined DPP's office as Principal Legal officer when he was offered the magistracy post, but which he initially declined. The fact still remains that he applied for and accepted the appointment to join the bench, post-coup...

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