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Monday, June 29, 2009

Bainimarama fed up of Ganilau

The interim Minister for Defence Ratu Epeli Ganilau is likely to be terminated as an interim minister from the regime's Cabinet, our sources say.

Sources say interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is unhappy about decisions Ganilau has made as interim minister.

Sources say Bainimarama is not happy with Ganilau's approval to allow a businessman under invesigation for taxation matters to fly out of the country last weekend.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that the businessman was being investigated by Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption, who had initiated a stop departure order aainst the businessman.

But Ganilau pulled some strings and alowed the businessman to fly to New Zealand.

Bainimarama was reportedly angry at Ganilau's actions but the interim minister told him the businessman would return to Fiji in 8 days time.

We have been informed Bainimarama told Ganilau if the businessman does not return then Ganilau's head will roll.

On Monday, Ganilau jointly hosted a media conference with Fijian Holdings Limited and Police Commissioner Esala Teleni about plans to build a new complex to house the police headquarters.

The complex is to be built by Fijian Holdings and rented to the Police Force. The rent is to go towards the purchasing price of the complex known as Twin Towers built in the heart of Suva City.

The Force will own the complex after rent payments accumulate into the total price used to build the complex by FHL.

It is what you call BOOT measure - Build, Own, Operate & Transfer.

Ganilau was Bainimarama's commander in the army for 7 years until 1999 when he resigned to contest the elections.

He reconmended Bainimarama's appointment to succeed him.


Anonymous said...

Of course we all know that the home affairs ministry's recommendation in 1998 was Waqanisau or Kadavulevu.

But Ratu Mara read out Bainimarama's name instead.

In doing so, he emulated exactly what Ratu Penaia had done earlier when he read out Epeli Ganilau's name instead of Joji Konrote's, (which was the one on the speech in front of him at the announcement).

The palace coups in the President's office had obviously been going on a lot longer than meets the eye. There was some hope at the time that it would all end well anyway.

But now that we can see the end results of it all, we can see that those hopes were entirely misplaced because they rested upon people who lacked sufficient merit, honour and discernment to handle the challenges involved.

ratu kkt mara said...

hey ganilau needed extra cash,his well known four that

Anonymous said...

Another case of Frank playing catchup - Taveuni
figured this one out a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Ganilau knows how to get money.
Baini will play catch-up.
The master mullar knows how to use the Fijians.

Be careful Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Be assured - Kai Viti also the master mullah & gailau - why one's not Vunivalu or Tui.

Anonymous said...

What are the shareholders for Fijian Holding saying? Do they agree with the way their money is being spent by the Board and management of this company or what? First the buy out of BP Oil which does not appear to be concluded in the near future or at any time then now they are building houses for the illegal Govt.

Anonymous said...

Things you may not know about despot dictators
- they eat their own,

Anonymous said...

Something you may not know about despot dictators - they eat their own.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the story of Babel in the Bible.

What happens to people who think they are better than God?

They self-destruct from within and it looks like it's happening here.

This Government will either self-destruct from within or they will be thrown out by force when people cannot bear their nonsense anymore.

Anonymous said...

Very wise man encountered(encapsulated)this as:
"Too many pigs - not enough teats".
Abraham Lincoln.