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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beaten police officer gets job back

The police officer who was beaten by seven assailants at Nausori on the 16th of May in an apparent act of revenge after he ticketed one of the men weeks earlier for drink driving, has been re-instated.

Coupfourpointfive exclusively reported the incident of the gross human right violation on the 28th of May and showed pictures of Raj Shavendra Prasad. The interim regime’s censors had directed the media not to broadcast or publish the story.

Prasad was also beaten by three police officers of the Nausori Police Station, and was locked up in a police cell instead of the assailants who were well known to at least one of the officers.

He was also wrongly charged with theft of a mobile phone and denied medical attention.

Prasad was admitted to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital from the 19th to the 25th of May after being granted bail by the Magistrates Court. He suffered severe facial injuries, a broken tooth, internal bodily injuries and a hairline fracture to his skull.

Prasad’s termination letter was signed by Regional Police Commander Eastern Senior Superintendent Emosi Baleinuku. The letter dated 18th May stated he was being terminated upon the orders of Police Commissioner Esala Teleni.

But the termination has been overturned through the Force Routine Order – FRO – that is the official Police Force communication similar to the Gazette for the State. The FRO announces promotions, demotions, transfers, terminations and cancellation of orders like termination orders.

The Force Routine Order is released weekly and the FRO of the beginning of June cancels Prasad’s termination.

Signed by the Police Director of Human Resources, Senior Superintendent Pariniappa Gounder, it says "the termination in respect of Special Constabulary(SC 2494) Raj Shavendra Prasad of Nausori Police Station is hereby cancelled".

Prasad is still recovering at home and our sources say his wages have also been re-instated.


Anonymous said...

Great work Coup 4.5! The reinstatement must be the result of the publishing of the story on this blog! Some people in high positions must surely be reading it.

Jon said...

The reinstatement could be an acknowledgement that the original sacking was wrong, or it could be seen as a hypocritical attempt by the police to forestall any legal action on the part of officer Prasad since, in the present economic climate, he is hardly likely to want to ‘rock the boat’ by lodging a formal complaint and so run the risk of being sacked (or worse) once again.

If the force wishes to leave no doubt about its motives for his reinstatement then, whether or not officer Prasad wishes to lodge a complaint, it should ensure that it carries out its own internal investigation into the alleged conduct of his attackers. Given its commitment to uphold national law and order, the Fiji Police Force must not allow its reputation to become sullied by the alleged actions of a few.

Since the matter didn’t reach the public domain through the printed media, the police could legitimately see this as an internal matter of no public concern. However it would be na├»ve to assume that it is still a secret to the majority of decent policemen and women in the force. In the interest of their morale, it is important that the findings of such an internal investigation be made known to those in the force.

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