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Friday, June 5, 2009

Canberra protest march to start soon

Former Fiji residents now living in Australia will take to the streets of Canberra today to highlight their disgust at the political instability in their former homeland.

Buse loads of protestors from Sydney will join counterparts from Riverina and ACT to peacefully protest and deliver petitions to the Fiji High Commission, the Indian High Commission, the Korean Embassy and the Chinese Embassy.

They will then rally on the front lawn of Parliament House and deliver a petition to an official of the Australian House of Representative.

Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement President, Usaia Waqatairewa, says they've been informed that the acting Fiji High Commissioner, Kamlesh Arya, has indicated his refusal to receive the group's petition and advised them to leave it in his letter box.

"This is not surprising to the Movement given we do not even know who he represents because the Fiji Courts had previously declared the Government he purports to represent as illegal. Neither do we recognise his appointment," Mr Waqatairewa said.

A petition to urge the Korean government to adopt a travel ban on Fiji's regime, coup sympathisers and beneficiaries will be handed over to the Korean Ambassador.

The Demonstration will then move onto the Indian High Commission and the Chinese Embassy to demonstrate and deliver petitions calling for the end of their support for the illegal regime governing Fiji.

"The Movement is of the view that it is very hypocritical of the Indian Government that while it prides itself as the world's largest democracy and has just completed a peaceful general election, it then continues unashamedly to aid and abet the totalitarian Fiji military dictatorship."

Mr Waqatairewa said similarly the actions of China must be condemned.

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