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Friday, June 26, 2009

Colonial bank to be sold

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia says it's in discussions with the Bank of South Pacific regarding the potential sale of the Commonwealth Bank’s banking and
insurance businesses in Fiji.

The Bank has confirmed that BSP has approached them regarding its interest in acquiring National Bank of Fiji Limited (trading as Colonial National Bank) and Colonial Fiji Life Limited.

"A consequence of these discussions is that BSP has made an indicative non-binding offer and requested a period of exclusive due diligence," a statement from the Commonwealth Bank said.

"The Commonwealth Bank Board of Directors in Sydney has considered the terms of the offer and agreed to further discussions and the commencement of due diligence."

The Bank says any decision made will take into consideration the interests of employees, customers and shareholders.

BSP has a 52 year history and is Papua New Guinea’s largest retail and commercial bank with 35 branches.

It also has regional representation in Niue, Solomon Islands and operates two branches in Fiji under a full banking licence.


Anonymous said...

Know things aren't real flash when Wontok's inquire about opening a shop(bank clearing house - pawn brokers)in the Village.

mark manning said...

Fiji's Military, too large :-

As for the Commonwealth Bank selling to BsP, one mans trash is another's treasure !

mark manning said...

Beware False Prophets :-

Is swine flu, a new plague in Fiji ?
Whose life will be taken 1st. ?

SEMI MEO said...

Our wantoks from the top end will be giggling, now that rightfully so, they have slowly re-asserted their status as the no 1 Melanesian leader role within the Melanesian Block.

Further buying one of our large retail bank and Insurance shop. Next, Air Niugini may swallow Air Pacific and may be Solomon Air. Already, PNG Finance Company have a share of our market. Soon, a extend shares into our private media market. And as they always maintained, USP better chance surviving financially under UPNG.

All we’re saying is, move over Fiji!!, no more the Hub of the Pacific..with PNG over 5 Million indigenous wantoks and trillions of dollars worth of Natural resources, Fiji may just end up a Province of PNG? Unless, of course big Anglo bro Australia does not pull strings from another angle using our wantoks to get through to stubborn Fijian leaders.

mark manning said...

Does this describe Frank Bainimarama :-

mark manning said...

What seems to be lost on everyone in the Police Force at the moment, is the loss of Liberty !
No man has the right to dictate to nor impose a Religion or belief onto another !
The role of the Police, is to uphold the Law, man's Law, not Gods !
It is the role of the Church to uphold God's Law !
Today it is the imposition of Teleni's interpretation of Religion, tomorrow, what will it be ?
Will Teleni order the burning down of non Christian Mosques and the wearing of arm bands for all non Christians ?
In his determination to convert people to his New found Methodist congregation, he has created an unbeatable foe which will no doubt be his undoing.
What I don't understand is, how can Christians in Fiji, continue to support this man who is obviously carrying the mark of Satan !

Anonymous said...

Can you really blaim them? Who'd be in this game here given whats going & could go on? First rule of insurance - protect self.

mark manning said...

I've just realised what Teleni's true motivation is for the crusade.

Frank's regime needs money !

With the peacekeeping stalling and about to stop, with the sugar industry no longer getting subsidised by the European Union, with tourism decreasing by 35% on the brink of collapse, with the Fiji Government's Reserves @ two months of Gross Domestic Product, with the devaluation of the Fiji dollar by 20%, with the economy of Fiji about to collapse, with funds running out to employ Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Police, Soldiers and other Public Servants, with exports increasing but products selling for so much less and hence a decreasing revenue, with imports decreasing and those products costing more to those who can least afford it, with unemployment rising, with the FNPF losing value more and more everyday, with retirees being forced to retire 10 years earlier @ 55 years of age ( But not Frank & Co. ) , with an increase in expenditure on a Military less and less capable of providing security to the Citizens of Fiji but more inclined to attack them and the list goes on !
Now i realise that Teleni is using his self given authority to raise funds for the Regime, nothing more, nothing less.

mark manning said...

Exports increase, but ?

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

@Mark M.
We know Franks got a screw loose - we know he keeps bad company - we know he's dishonest & incompetent - we know he's toxic for the country - we know we must be rid of him - we know all these things - please - you read well intentioned - have a break - put your mouse down & thoughtfully consider this? How?

mark manning said...

anon, i get the point, but i'm posting for those who don't have access or who have slow computers or just don't know where to look and also for those who are too young to know lots about the past, Hitler etc. for example.
That's a good question and i suppose the answer is, bit by bit , like Hitler !

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.
Tenent rules of war - know your enenmy know your terrain - know your time. Frank isn't Hitler - Suva isn't Berlin - Indians aren't Jews & - Lautoka isn't Dresden. Ni mose.