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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Draunidalo denies being advisor to Methodist Church

Fijian lawyer and the daughter of Adi Kuini Speed, Tupou Draunidalo has denied she is an advisor to the Methodist Church.

The pro-Frank Bainimarama blog site, Real Fiji News, names Draunidalo as an advisor to the Methodist Church. The church has had its Annual General Meeting cancelled by Bainimarama, because he had objections to two ministers being involved in the church.

Below is an email sent by Draunidalo to Coupfourpointfive:

I admire the vivid imagination of the people at Real Fiji News.

I do not advise any church minister especially those that have any bad intentions towards Reverend Koroi and Reverend Tuikilakila. Reverend Koroi was very close to my parents in 1987 when my stepfather (Dr. Bavadra) was deposed as Prime Minister and he officiated at my stepfather's funeral. Reverend Tuikilakila is my father's (Colonel Draunidalo) first cousin. I have met with him once post 2006 coup for my father's funeral service in January 2007.

The bloggers have conveniently forgotten to mention that both Reverends Kanailagi and Lasaro have political views that both my mother (Adi Kuini Vuikaba) and I diametrically opposed in the 2001 election campaigns. My mother in public (while she was very ill) and I in the engine room. We used our time and resources for that good cause but why allow facts to get in the way of a good story?

Especially, when some current interim cabinet Ministers were in total collusion with the two gentlemen in 2001 to ensure that Mr. Qarase and his SDL party were elected to Parliament. In fact, didn't Mr. Bainimarama choose Mr. Qarase as interim Prime Minister instead of an elected member of parliament? The same Mr. Bainimarama who deposed to the Courts that he could not secure the return of the Labour/FAP/VLV Coalition government after the Chandrika Prasad decision.

My, my what short memories they have there at Real Fiji News. The difference between me and the usual coup supporters like them is that I respect the will of the majority and let the ballot box make the decision. If I lose, so be it.

By the way, and for the record - the only Reverend I consulted closely post 2006 coup is Reverend Yabaki (for the CCF amicus application) and both the good Reverend and the CCF are (publicly) a part of Mr. Bainimarama's Charter and electoral reform apparatus.

Im sorry but the credit for advice to the Methodist church will need to be attributed elsewhere.

Tupou Draunidalo

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