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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emergency regulations to be in place till August

Fiji's interim Permanent Secretary for Information, Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni, tonight hinted on Fiji One news, that the Public Emergency Regulations, is likely to remain until August.

Leweni told Fiji TV news the Methodist Church should not feel discriminated against after the military, police and the interim regime cancelled the church’s annual conference scheduled for August.

Leweni said the church leadership should understand that political activities are banned under the provisions of the Emergency Regulations, therefore indicating the regulations will still be in force in August.


  1. Leweni you block head...you will face the consequences of your wrong actions...idiot!!

  2. Leweni you're a bloody liar....tstop oppressing the lives of the Fijian people...you kaisi!!

  3. How does a church conference (in a purist sense) constitute "political activities"?

  4. Can the Commissioner of Police arrest the RFMF Commader Bainimarama for involvement in politics and inflammatory actions on the people of Fiji? Drau vei tauri!

  5. In other words, whenever the PER does expire, if anyone make a political comment after that, it will just be re-imposed!

    Talk about your circular reasoning! No wonder these guys can't get anywhere.

  6. This is being orchestrated by Frank and his nitwits! It is designed to continue the censorship of the media until an elected government is in place (whenever that will be!).

    Dua mada ga e vana i Bhaini Marama e na dakai da boi ca!

  7. Leweni - You the Military and Voreqe are history. The wrath of God is about to be leashed onto Fiji and i pity you lot and all your supporters.

    Justice will be done through the power of the Almighty.


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