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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An experiment in nation building

This is an extract of the speech Graham Leung was to have delivered at the annual Fiji Institute of Accountants Congress convention to be held at the Sheraton Fiji this Friday.

But Professor Brij Lal, Richard Naidu and Leung were dropped from the speakers list after police warned the permit to hold the convention would be dropped if they spoke.

See link to the whole speech on the right of blog.

Mr President, Your excellencies, members of council, members of the FIA, ladies and gentlemen. It is an honor and privilege to speak to you this morning.

We have had five coups in twenty-two years. Dictatorship and arbitrariness has replaced the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

We have a regime whose authority is based on force rather than the consent of the people. That is our reality. Who can say with certainty that this scenario will not continue beyond September 2014? The prospect is depressing. How do we climb out of this quicksand into which we are fast sinking?

Fiji is not just in a political, but a deep financial crisis. The root of that crisis stems from the underlying political instability and coups which have ravaged the country over the last two decades. This crisis cannot be solved merely by getting the economic fundamentals right, because its origins lie in systemic political and governance issues. This crisis will not solve itself if we just ignore it. No matter how attractive the fiscal and policy incentives cobbled together by the regime, there will be few takers given the present political instability and uncertainty. And the confidence needed to restore the economy will only come if we make the right decisions going forward.

The world has changed since 1987. Human rights concerns do matter. And in the world of real politick, we are vulnerable and small enough to be held accountable. Call it double standards, call it what you will. That is how international relations work. The regime may well think it can defy external pressures. But it will come at the expense of further decline in social services, our standard of living, decay in infrastructure, increased poverty, crime and other social ills.
Click link for full speech -http://www.mediafire.com/?jemzt3tjzni


Anonymous said...

All this pain & trouble inflicted by one man's ego - & his friends greed...


Anonymous said...

Great piece of work by Graham Leung! Once again Graham has proved that he will not stand aside and watch this country raped and plundered.

Full marks to this brave individual!