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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FNPF Board likely to be changed

We can confirm the interim regime is seriously looking at changing the composition of the Fiji National Provident Fund Board.

Sources have told us that last week a citizen was approached by the Permanent Secretary in the Office of Interim Prime Minister, Pia Wise, with a proposal to accept appointment to the Board.

It's not clear if the whole Board or some members will be replaced and the exact reason for this exercise has not yet been established.

The FNPF Board is made up of representatives from the Government/Regime, Employers and Workers.

The person approached by Wise is neither a high ranknig officer of the regime, nor a representative of Employers or Workers.

Employers representatives are nominated by the Fiji Employers Federation while those representing workers are nominated by the Trade Union Movement.

Following the 2006 coup Fiji Trades Union Congress President Daniel Urai and general secretary Felix Anthony were nominated to the Board by Frank Bainimarama.

They replaced Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions President, Maika Namudu, and former FTUC general secretary and the boss of an affiliate of FTUC, James Raman.


Anonymous said...

How to steal money & cook books - voodoo style.

Anonymous said...

Pita Wise is one of the most corrupt officers in Government and I do not know how he became PS in the PM's Office.

Frank talks about eradicating corruption and should start in his own backyard. What has happened to the Auditor Generals Reports in 2003 that named Pita Wise (who was than the Deputy PS Fisheries) as being corrupt for using a digger and resources to establish his fish farm and prawn farm in Waila.

Where is FICAC or is he related to Frank's wife or the boss of FICAC.

Frank corruption is taking $1 million from Dick Smith and the Tourism Industry to stop the Qoliqoli Bill so please do not acuse others of corruption - You are the biggest crook and will be hunted down like a dog.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's coups is all about Fiji politics and with politics there is always corruption. I refer to the previous person pin pointing one person , Mr Pita Wise & rating him as the most corrupted person. The person who has anonymously brought out allegations of Mr Wise simply implies that anonymous person has a personal vendetta against Mr Pita Wise. Statistically corruption cannot be measured. Yet this person implies he/she can measure corruption by naming one person Mr Pita Wise.

Fiji politicians has practiced corruptions during their time in office for many years even prior to the first coup in 1987. On 9 march 1999 a non profit organization Transparecy International Fiji was established by concerned businessman & business women that engages in anti corruption & governance building activities such as awareness campaigns & workshops. Why are they not naming & shaming corrupt politicians.

To name Mr Pita Wise as the most corrupt person in govt is unfair & most uncalled for. This is just a personal vendetta for this anonymous person who probably been overlooked for promotion.