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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

FNPF Board Members replaced

As predicted by Coupfourpointfive on Tuesday the 23rd June, all with the exception of one interim regime member on the Fiji National Provident Fund Board have been replaced.

FNPF Chairman and permanent secretary for Public Service Commission, Parmesh Chand, has also been given the boot.

All Board members were given the option of resigning or being sacked.

Others who have been replaced are Employer representativs James Datta, Howard Politini and Fiji Trades Union President Daniel Urai. The General Secretary for Labour, Taito Waqa, is the sole survivor on the Board.

In his capacity as FNPF Board Member, Felix Anthony, was also Chairman of Telecom Fiji Ltd and Natadola Bay Resorts Ltd.

The Acting Permanent Secretary for Labour and New Zaland citizen, John Prasad, is the new Chairman of the Board.


Anonymous said...

John Prasad is a CONMAN and was only a lab technician with Rewa Dairy before he went overseas. He returned with all these fancy sounding degrees and sweet talk that Frank & Co. fell for.

His appointment was expected as Government has run out of money and is using our FNPF funds to pay civil servants and the Military.

He will be requesting funds from FNPF (as PS Finance) and will be approving these funds as (Chairman FNPF). There will be no checks and balances in place to protect members funds.

I have said this before and saying it again that we the members of FNPF will shortly be issued with new statements informing us that our money in FNPF has been reduced by 50% overnight as the Government is in no position to repay these loans and all members will have to bail Government out.

Voreqer and his cronies will however not be affected by this policy and John Prasad does'nt give a shit as he has nothing in FNPF anyway as he is being employed as an expat.

The Military Council was paid off by John Prasad and his two friends in an effort to get a Government Contract that did not evantuate so had to appoint him as PS Finance in an effort to repay him.

Chaudhary is still in control as John Prasad is his own relative and he is publicly saying something else but privately plotting the collapse of the Military Junta through its decions with our FNPF money.

Chaudhary knows that all the people of Fiji will attack the Military and Police if they reduce our money by 50% and is encouraging John Prasdad to recommend this to Frank and will sit back and watch them seld destruct.

All these details will be exposed when the democratically elected Government is appointed and corrupt Military overthrown.

Anonymous said...

All these FNPF Board members should be held accoutable for the $80million losses incurred in Momi and other projects where they have interferred and driven away the investors.

ex Fiji tourist said...

The changes to the board have been made to put unthinking puppets in the boardroom who will now grant the $200 million loan for the purchase of BP.

Who cares if both organisations go bust?

bananasinpyjamas is moving Fiji forwards towards the cliffs of doom.

Anonymous said...

Money they took when they had no right or mandate to.....

Anonymous said...

Go aini Go,
After the beach party yhe present board does not need to e there.

Good on tghe PM for doing the best for the workers.

mark manning said...

Beware the Anti-Christ !

Anonymous said...

Boy this particular cartel has worked it out - plunder Fiji - bolt to Kiwi.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who do not understand the full situation please do not make judgement or false accusations about the Replaced board members,those men are few of the most honest you will find around,who will not and have not been misusing funds,they have been and always have had the interests of the people of Fiji in mind,merely investing on behalf of the people of Fiji,havent you seen the hotels in Natadola,those are what you call investmentsso before you go accusing get your facts right...you should actually be worried about the newly elected board members and the PM....watch everything blow up in smoke,,

Anonymous said...

Does the person posting the last comment know something we the members of FNPF do not know - Is it already bankrupt and has the Military Junta stolen all our money.

Come on Felix and Urai if you have a concience tell your members and the people of Fiji of the true state of affairs in regard to our FNPF money.

James Duttta be a man and say it as it is as I cannot see Pramesh or Taito Waqa talking.

Anonymous said...

well Felix and Urai may have been hiding something who knows,as for the rest of the members replaced was ridiculous,Politini,Datta,PRamesh and Taito are the honest men and best for the job who had the best interests at heart

Anonymous said...

Honest Men???? - You have got to be joking.

The whole lot of them are a bunch of crooks who was appointed by the biggest thief of them all, Voreqe.

They should all be charged with corruption when the the democratically elected Government comes back into power.

Send them all to Naboro.

Anonymous said...

True as above comment may be - it won't bring the to the talk table?

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