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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Francis Narayan loses top salary

The Chairman of Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau, New Zealand citizen, Francis Narayan, has lost the $160,000 salary he was receiving as a consultant for Fiji National Provident Fund.

Our sources say Narayan was working three days a week as FNPF Consultant but his input was negligible and that he did not spend a full working day at FNPF.

Sources also say Narayan’s professional relationship with FTIB chief executive, Annie Rodgers, is extremely strained because of his dictatorial attitude.

As a result, Narayan is now operating as FTIB Chairman from an office in Marela House and not Civic Towers, the headquarters of FTIB.

But sources say Narayan may soon find himself back in the driver’s seat and reclaim his FNPF consultancy because of his friendship with the regime’s interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

Obvious this talented man has become frustrated - seeks a new challenge - how about Sugar?


Anonymous said...

Which other crooks are being paid from our hard earned FNPF money. These so called consultants should go back to NZ because they are not needed in Fiji as Voreqe and co have destroyed Fiji.

The revolution in Fiji will be much worse than Rwanda as Indians, Fijians, Chinese and other races who call Fiji home will collectively seek and destroy Voreqe, Teleni, the Military, Police and all coup supporters.


Anonymous said...

Is this guy the brother in law of Parmesh Chand (Chairman of FNPF) brother of Parmesh's wife (Renu).

This is something FICAC should investigate - How is he related to Parmesh's wife?.

Anonymous said...

These so-called experts who came to the fore after the coup must be marked and be dealt with when the time is right!

They come from their adopted countries under the guise of being concerned Fiji Indians and rob the people's coffers to satisfy their high living styles.

They speak like they know everything to impress the government leaders who are blind to their selfish objectives.

One day Mafatu!

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