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Friday, June 26, 2009

Growers Council to be dissolved

The Sugar Cane Growers Council (SCGC), the umbrella body representing Fiji's cane farmers is likely to be dissolved soon.

The Permanent Secretary for Sugar, Parmesh Chand, has confirmed to Fiji Television that one of the options is to reduce the size of the SCGC from 38 to 11.

The SCGC was created under the Sugar Industry Act in 1985. It comprised of 111 members until the 1992 SCGC election when it was reduced to 38 electd councllors (one per sector) and 8 nominated councillors.

Following the 2006 coup, Frank Bainimarama removed the 8 nominated councillors and sacked SCGC Chief Executive Jagannath Sami, who was prevented from reclaiming his job despite a High Court restraining order.

The Fiji Labour Party through is political arm the National Farmers Union took control of the Council since January 2007. Mahendra Chaudhry is the boss of both FLP and NFU and at that time was the interim finance and sugar minister.

Sources have told us the size of SCGC will be reduced to 11 - one per every 8 of the cane districts plus three ohers to share workload in lage districts - and that this will form the board of directors.

Currently the Council has a 11-member Board, 8 of whom are District Directors.


Anonymous said...

Why not? Already dissolved the Industry.

Anonymous said...

to the Indians I say you don't need enemies when you have your existing politicians and religious leaders