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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Methodist church operations to suffer

The cancellation of the Methodist Church conference by the interim regime is a fatal blow to the Church's operations and revenue, sources say.

The church has a membership of over 200,000 and is seen as the biggest religious body in Fiji.

During each annual conference, the church raises an average of $2.4 million through the soli and choir activities.

The money collected is primarily used for the operations and activities of the church.

The economy will also be affected by the cancelling of the conference.

During the conference, the services of taxis, buses and retail outlets are in high demand, especially for the choir competition which takes place before the start of the meet.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Methodists all over the country are angry at the regime's decision and won't be forgetting it easily.

Sources are also worried that this decision has the potential to inflame racial and religious tension.

Since Frank Bainimarama's 2006 coup, a new religious group has formed, known as New Methodists.

The Police Commissioner Esala Teleni is one of the leaders of the New Methodist church and his brother Atu Vulaono is the leader of the church.

The New Methodist is a breakaway of the Methodist Church and sources say the indefinite cancellation of the conference is being seen as promoting the New Methodist sect.


Anonymous said...

the New Methodist are made up mainly of those that drift around, first they were in the AOG, then they moved to the Every Home Church, then onto the ANC Church and the flavour of the moment now is the New Meca

Anonymous said...

sa vakasisila dina na nodrau vunau ena dvd o rau na veiwatini. sa ka ni vei talanoa kei na veiwali na nodrau dau tukutukuni rau ena nodrau vunau. o ira kece na nodrau lewe ni vavakoso, de sa kena gauna beka qo mo ni dikevi kemuni tale mada ena mataqale veiliutaki vakalotu e rau cakava tiko. vakacava me rau vunautaki Jisu Karisito kei na nona tucake tale mai na mate? Vunautaka na "Gospel" me ra vakabulai kina na yalo. E sega ni dua na betena na kena lai tasereki tiko mai na tevale na veimatalalai ni bula vakawati. na tikina ya me qai biu ga vei ira na veiwatini me ra dui vakatulewa kina. e sega ni mai nodrau i tavi me rau via mai lewa na bula ni veiwatini.

Anonymous said...

God provides, not Bainimarama, Teleni , or their support for the new Methodists. Watch for 2009 to surpass all records of funds collected for the Methodist Church!

Anonymous said...

If what I hear is true about what Atu and his wife "preach" from the pulpit, it is ridiculous and a good sign of the times.

It just goes to show their lack of qualifications in divinity, much less knowledge of the gospel and what the Bible says.

And as for their 21 year old daughter who just celebrated her birthday, how can someone who has not even experienced life be called a Pastor. What pastoral experience and advantages would she share with the "sheep"?

Anonymous said...

first of all, preachers should be very wary when preaching. a lot them mis-inteprete the word of God. e sega ni rerevaka o atu na vosa ni Kalou. in the bible, it say that in the days to come, a lot of false prophets will start to appear. ka kua ni guilecava, na vei ka cala ni o cakava ena lai waraki iko mai liu......may God bless our minds, lips and heart. our part as christians is to pray that they realize their grave mistake....may God forgive us for all our trespasses......my advice to atu and his wife- "let he without sin, cast the first stone".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

let God be the Judge and stop the critics pls

Anonymous said...

Its a simple case kemuni! When we fool God long enough we sure get the "blessings", which is now what is happening in Fiji. The coup and all subsequent events which has torn the Nation is the result of own stupidity as such we now see the rising up of Pastors who haven't the foggiest clue of what the message of Christ is! We asssume as Christians that we are so called "saved" far from it! If only our praise of God was equally put to practice maybe we would not be in the situation we are now in. We continue to blame others for the ills happening in Fiji yet can't see what our role is in also supporting the wrong deeds (silently) that was happening. We have become judge, jury for the Kingdom of God and it appears that if you ain't a Christian you are doomed! Look around our false worship is getting to catch up on us, so for the seeds of untruth to germinate & grow guess what we get the likes of the NEW METHODIST. If the numbers quoted that the Methodist Church has over 200,000 members whats stopping those that got up & supported Rabuka and George Speight to call the faithfull to march & protest.Only now the banners which use to read "Fiji for the Fijians" is no longer representative of the iTaukei but of all races in Fiji!?? But that takes COURAGE or in Tukais lingo "save face" or is a case of 'au sa madua"? But me thinks there something else that is going on here that is preventing those those who use to march & protest & wanted other races out of Fiji! Now what would that be that makes the biggest denomination in Fiji just takes this lying in down?