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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Methodist conference no-goer

Senior Methodist church officials have not able to sway interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama to allow their August conference to go ahead.

A meeting was held today between Bainimarama and the church's president Reverend Ame Tuege and Secretary-General Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

Following the meeting, Bainimarama told local and overseas media he has not changed his mind and this year's conference is still cancelled.

The meeting lasted at least an hour and a half, at the Office of the Interim Prime Minister, located on the 4th floor of Government Buildings.

Sources say the regime will not change its decision and the Methodist Church may never be able to hold another conference while Frank Bainimarama is in power.


Anonymous said...

they can just try. They are about to be thrown into the sea by the Methodists now. Watch it!!

Teejay For A Free Fiji said...

This latest oppression bt Dictator Bainimarama is strategically flawed. It is a step that will alienate the Fijian people in a way that he never expected. The moment oppression invades the spiritual lives of a people, it is all over. He will now have to rely on brute force and totalitarianism,: he has nowhere else to go.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Bainimarama and Teleni just charge Rev Lasaro, and detain, investigate and charge Rev Kanailagi instead of Bainimarama insisting that these two senior Ministers be sacked? Must be the 'lamu-sona fever!

Anonymous said...

This struggle is not about two talatalas. It is about the determination of a majority of level headed, well-educated and respected churchmen to stand up for religious freedom and the right to speak out about affairs in the Body Politic, just as John Wesley spoke out about the evils of slavery in his day.

Anonymous said...

Frank is insisting that the Methodist Chrch follows the military's directive because this is the the only control that he has to overcome before he totally has the Fijian people at his mercy!

He already has direct control over the Vanua and the only obstacle to his objective is the Lotu.

This will surely be the straw which will break the horse's back for the Methodist Church!

Anonymous said...

The activity that will really be a good ground for launching protests, the Hibiscus Festival, has not been cancelled.

It would be better to cancel that one rather than the Methodist Church conference.

In any case, the Indian merchants will suffer more as they will now have to hold on to their jewellery, shoes, bales of cloth, suits, which is usually bought en masse by choirs coming in for the Annual Methodist Church Choir Competition.

Anonymous said...

We will overcome through the power of the almighty. Voreqe, the Military, the Police and all their cronies are history as they will face the wrath of God for their sins.

The Methodist Church will be here to stay for eternity while Voreqe, Teleni, Leweni and the other crooks will be burning in hell - You know who you are and nothing is going to save you.