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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More excuses for extending PER

Fiji's Permanent Secretary for Information Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni claims the Public Emergency Regulations is providing stability and helping the regime in its nation-building intiatives.

What he doesn’t say is that the regulations is censoring the free flow of information that breaches Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Fiji is a signatory of.

Leweni claims the emergency regulations are benefiting Fiji and that it has made most media outlets more “responsible with the way they report on national issues”.

If that is so, then why has the regime not allowed the media to report on issues like unemployment, job losses, water cuts, deteriorating health services at public hospitals or even the pathetic state of roads and highways.

The bashing of a police constable by seven men more than three weeks ago, his assault by three police officers and his termination was not reported by the media because the regime’s censors prevented the publication and broadcasting of the story.

In his statement yesterday, Leweni concludes the absence of politics from the national agenda “is contributing positively towards peace and stability of the nation” adding "people are now more focused with lives, families and work”.

But he does not provide any evidence of how suppressing criticism of the regime in the media is contributing towards stability or how anti-regime comments have affected the nation’s security before April 10th, or how it will have an impact on the security situation if allowed to be broadcast and published once again.


Anonymous said...

What a load of shit - Race relations are at it's worst in Fiji and will explode very soon. Frank and his goons will have to take the blame for this as they will not be able to be everywhere to protect their supporters as the power of the people will sweep him away.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what their hoping for - social
instability - break down of law & order - they step in as saviours etc etc.

Always keep in mind these are not rational people.