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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nazhat Shameem clears office

There are signs former High Court judge Nazhat Shameem is not returning to serve on the judiciary under the interim regime’s New Legal Order.

Sources have told us that Shameem has removed her personal belongings, including law books and journals from her office in Government Buildings two weeks ago.

Coupfourpointfive reported in April that she would not accept a judicial appointment following the abrogation of the Constitution.

Shameem and her eldest sister, ousted Fiji Human Rights Commission Director Shaista Shameem were reportedly outraged at interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for advising Frank Bainimarama to use President Ratu Josefa Iloilo to abrogate the Constitution on 10th April.

One of the options the Shameem sisters are investigating is to establish a private law practice.

Nazhat Shameem served as Director of Public Prosecutions before being appointed a judge in early 1999. This saw her becoming Fiji’s first Indo-Fijian female judge.

Following the December 5th 2006 coup, she chaired a meeting of the Judicial Service Commission that appointed Anthony Gates as Chief Justice to replace Daniel Fatiaki.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least she knew the difference between right and wrong when it came to the final straw.

Anonymous said...

Democracies elect - regimes select.


mark manning said...

By refusing to join Frank and Co.'s Judiciary, Shameem has inadvertently admitted her guilt and confirmed that the Constitution was and still is the Supreme Law of the Republic of the Islands of Fiji !


Shameem always knew she was doing the wrong thing as she has now virtually admitted, by not joining Frank And Co. that the Constitution was and still is, the Supreme Law of the Republic of the Islands of Fiji.
She and all involved in this coup, must be brought to Justice under the Constitution.
The very same Constitution she and Frank and Co. chose to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Truth will triumph!

Anonymous said...

Must be all the paisa has finished. Only problem is that Khaiyum will not give them a practising certificate for not supporting the regime after 10th April 2009.

At least this might give them time to reflect on all their illegal actions that have brought sufferings to thousands of people in Fiji.

They will never be hailed as heros like the thousands of Iranian women who are on the streets everyday fighting for their human rights.

They can rot in hell with the other coup supporters.

Anonymous said...

May have cleared office - only leaves conscience - reputation - location(source) of
future exploitation? Put money on Oz - Kiwi - Can - US - but not Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Please send her back to India, Or ask her to join Atu' church ministry and share his 1/10 if she needs paisa.


Anonymous said...

Ask her to join Atu's Church Ministry if she needs PAISA.


or send her back to India

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous....just to let you know a lot of the indo fijians do not support what this government is doing...we look indian but when it comes to country we are true fijians at heart who want the best for the country...if u wish to send back indo fijians back to india lets start with the "indians" who are opposing this government like Richard Naidu cause apparently the way you write seems to indicate a strong sense of hate to indo fijians...there are soo many indo fijians who want democracy and the rule of law to prevail ...
if you want to achieve democracy and human rights know that fijis Constitution and the Humans Rights convention do not entertain discrimination.reform yourself esp your mentality regarding racism then try changing the country..