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Monday, June 15, 2009

NZ's Santa Maharaj exposed

The chairman of the Auckland based Fiji Indian Human Rights group is a close ally of interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama.

He is also the brother of the re-instated chief executive of the Fiji Investment Corporation.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Santa Maharaj is in daily contact with Bainimarama via emails and telephone.

Sources say he also converses daily with Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and the permanent secretary for Public Service Commission Parmesh Chand.

Maharaj was influential in setting up fundraising activities in NZ and India for Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

Sources say Santa Maharaj knows that Chaudhry, who has $2 million stashed in Australia, raised the money in Haryana in the name of the poor evicted farmers and underprivileged Indians of Fiji after the 2000 coup.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Santa Maharaj wrote to the interim regime last year seeking funds for his Human Rights Group as well as for farmers of Muaniweni, Naitasiri. These farmers were fooled into taking refugee status at the Girmit Centre in Lautoka following the 2000 coup.

Sources say the camp was established with the help of the then Fiji Human Rights Commission boss Shaista Shameem.

In his letters to the regime last year, Maharaj stated that the regime had to compensate the farmers of Muaniweni for the losses they suffered following the 2000 coup. He said his organisation needed to be compensated too for expenses it incurred while looking after the farmers and their families at the Girmit Centre.

Santa Maharaj was seeking a sum of $1.5 million that was not allocated in the 2009 budget by Bainimarama.

Sources say after falling out of favour with Mahendra Chaudhry, he courted Frank Bainimarama and has been successful in overcoming the first hurdle by getting his brother re-instated that was terminated by Bainimarama two and half years ago.


mark manning said...

These petty thieves , including the Indian Government which purportedly put money into Chaudhry's Australian Bank Account in Sydney, should be brought to Justice.
There must be some International, New Zealand or Fiji Law which has been broken in regards to corrupt behaviour, misappropriation of funds or seditious behaviour.
An authority, such as a legal professional, must be able to help determine the Legitimacy or otherwise of the behaviour of these people and take the necessary actions to have them challenged in a Court of Law somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Cobra's money hasn't been in Australia for a long time - last heard of heading for Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

Great job once again Coup Four And A Half. 1,we now know how Sanata Maharaj colluded with Chaudhry to raise a few million dollars by shedding crocodile tears for poor Indians in Fiji. When he was sidelined by the most corrupt political leader in history of Fiji, he started jumped into bed with Bainimarama. 2, we know that is a sweet talker. Santa Maharaj must have whispered very sweet words into the dictator's ears for him to be hypnotized to re-appoint his younger brother Atma Maharaj as CEO. I remember Bainimarama and his supporters including Chaudhry baying for Atama's blood because of his past friendship with Georg Speight.

3, if Bainimarama can forgive Atma then he has the capacity to embrace Speight as well - maybe Santa Maharaj can sweet-talk his new master into doing this. It will complete the full circle of the 2006 coup as nothing else other than grabbing power at the barrel of the gun. And yes, CLEAN-UP but CLEANING THE NATIONAL TREASURY AND FNPF.

mark manning said...

Exposed, the true identity to Fiji's architect of the road map as proposed by Frank Bainimarama :-

Anonymous said...

Looks like the supporters of the 2000 coup are now supporting Bainimarama. Maybe they decided to adopt the "if you cant beat them, join them" philosophy.

Anonymous said...

BY : Santa Maharaj - URL could not take my name as I am not a member, but I have balls to write my name.
Yes we formed the santuary camp in 2000. TV3's Jeff Hamptom reported that victims of abuse in Muaniweni were sleeping in jungles every night with babies, children, and their elderly grandparents. I informed NZ Govt before going ahead. Same victims jointly got Chandrika Prasad as their choice to file their case of abuse of human rights, well known to everyone as what brought back the constitution. The IG failed to give the victims a single grain of rice, when it was their crops and cows getting slaughtered to feed the Speight group and their human shield in the complex. The Interim Govt's allocated funds for these victims amounting $1.5million and Caretaker Govt's $0.5million had more than 70% disappeared as part of the Agri Scam. The victims continued to suffer.I wrote to President, PM, GCC Chair and Commander in 2004 for these victims for their human rights abuse and loss of property as a political matter. It is no secret that GCC and SDL recognised the suffering these victims underwent and organised a forgiveness ceremony during SDL Govt's initiated reconciliation week and followed by compensation for the politically motivated victims in the Reconciliation Bill and supported by GCC and the entire nation. Fiji will continue to suffer bad ormen until the victims who had to sleep in the tents for months are compensated for their human rights abuse. Those of you who support the 1997 constitution, yes WE brought that back in 2001. If you do not support human rights abuse for us, then go and support the abbrogation. You won't get my symphathy. At least we are proud to say that these victims had challenged the abbrogation and WON. What have you done so far then big mouth? Muaniweni victims filed the Chandrika Prasad case while the politicians were still locked up and state of emergency still existed. I personally offered Interim PM a deal after the mutiny in November 2000 to withdrawing the Chandrika Prasad case from the appeal and sign a political solution to have the election after 18 months AFTER reconciling the FIJIANS and the MILITARY. But the PM was happy to go through the process as his lawyers who were there to make money promised him that they will win the appeal. So the PM was not willing to settle for $5million as the deal to pay compensation for the politically motivated human rights abuse. Now he is fighting the same battle we have been fighting since 2000. The problem is politicians just don't listen, do they until it is their turn?
If I was Frank's friend, would Atma have lost his job in the first place? And I only spoke once with Khaiyum in 2007 and never again. And I have not spoken with Frank either for 6 months now. So I do not know who is cooking up these stories. And if Chaudhry collected money at the sympathy of the victims that I represented and not give a single cent to us, then how does that become my fault? This was well knoiwn to SDL so why did they not investigate him or report him to police then raise it in parliament only. What has that got to do with Santa Maharaj for his dishonest behaviour if that existed? At least I did not get a cent. Even my refugee camp accout was made public but media did not want to print it. So What?

santa maharaj said...

Hello - This is Santa Maharaj Here.
Do not take my name with Chaudhry's $2million. His theft is his business and not mine. If he did not give any money to us, that makes him the thief so do not call me a thief. If you know so much that Chaudhry kept the money that HE collected under the name of the poor victims camping at refugee camp in Lautoka, then how does that make me a thief? Qarase had a chance of investigating him as in 2001 Tupeni Baba listed out all the bank account details and the amounts of money collected and not handed out to those running the camp. Why question in parliament - why not report to the police. Was SDL trying to harbour Chaudhry for the well known allegations.
All our involvement was that our freelanced Hindi journalist that we engaged and took to Fiji to report on the refugee camp and the parliamentary hostage drama also interviewed Chaudhry when he was released. When Chaudhry told him that he will be travelling to NZ, Australia, USA, etc to raise funds to fight the regime through courts, then the journalist offered Chaudhry to go to India also and that he would make appointment with State Minister of Hariana since he knew the minister and came from the same state. What speech Chaudhry gave in Hariana is what you should be looking for from Indian media to know exactly what he said and who is the rightful owners of that money or portions of that money. I will definately not mind getting some of that money!!!

Santa Maharaj said...

Politicians always pay the price when they will continue to ignore human rights and its effects be felt by the entire nation. It is also no secret that "I USED TO" talk to Frank as I was negotiating between Helen Clerk and Frank to sleep in the same bad or military will settle down in the hot seat and stay put for long haul. There are several written statements from NZ Govt and Fiji Govt through myself so talking with Frank is also no secret which was in late 2007 and half way in 2008. I even went to NZ Parliament and told them to put their money where their mouth is and give the $1.5M to the election funds and have a member from NZ in the team to organize the elections office or forget about the elections. It was well covered by NZ media. The budget submission was also covered by media. If I was close to Frank, Khaiyum and Pramesh, why then was it not approved? Can you guess? Or ask Chaudhry - He and Vayeshnoi visited Muaniweni for the 1st time in 9yrs saying NFU and FLP have negotiated with the govt and something is coming up for them in the budget. What happened then? By the way I spoke with Khaiyum only once in 2007 and never again to date. Maybe if I did speak with him often, our submission would have been honoured - don't you think so!!
I don't think any one of you are capable of restoring democracy in Fiji except big mouth. We have done it once we do have the knowledge and capability of doing it again – any takers? ON MY TERMS. Maybe go and ask Chaudhry to pay from the $2m towards legal fee to take up the challenge.
And yes if I was such a good friend of Frank, Atma would not have lost his job in the first place which was a cooked up story by those little brain cunning people.
And I would have been an Interim Minister in his cabinet!!

Santa said...

By the way I have not fallen off with Chaudhry as far as I know. Because I did not help him raise the Hariana money rather he went to Hariana based on our efforts to maximum media coverage in India.

Anonymous said...

The separation of Church and State, in normal circumstances, I suggest, empowers both bodies more so, to do their own bidding on vastly differing topics.
But these are not normal circumstances and the structure of Government has been disrupted by criminal elements by people of all persuasions, interestingly !
Some are white, some not so white, some Indian, some not so Indian, some Fijian, some not Fijian, some honest and well meaning, others not so honest and well meaning, some with a criminal past, some not with a criminal past, some egotistical, maniacal and eccentric, some not, some Methodist, some Catholic, some Hindi and others Islamic.
Some self obsessed, others not so self obsessed.
The real traitors in any Military coup, are the Soldiers who continue to support those superior officers who have committed treason.
Without those soldiers, the coup could not take place and inevitably, it is those very same foot soldiers, who can bring this coup to an end.
The Church indeed has it's place under these circumstances and must make a stand for the people, Freedom, Liberty, Democracy and Justice for all the people, no matter their creed, colour or ancestry.
The church stands for all of god's children.

mark manning said...
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mark manning said...


mark manning said...


mark manning said...

Fiji's new National Anthem :-

Anonymous said...

The more Santna Maharaj is opening his mouth, the more filth is coing out. He has lost the plot and his posts are like a raging wild bull in a China shop which loses its cool and tries to maul and smash its way out o the main door. But all it does is smash to pieces all Chinaware. Santa is exactly like that. His use of "So What?" confirms your story is more than true. Basically Santa is sayig if used to eat shit, So What? If I jumped into bed with Frank, So What? If Atma Maharaj is my brother, So What? If I talk or have talked to Frank, So What?

But Santa, you are Santa Maharaj and not Santa Claus. Santa Claus delivers gifts to children and the not so privileged; Santa Maharaj delivers jobs for the boys and the privilegd few! THAT IS HE REAL DIFFERENCE WHEN ONE COMPARES APPLS WITH APPLES.

Anonymous said...

mark stop wasting everyones time with your b.s videos which has got nothing to do with Fiji

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous of June 17 - 11.43am

I thought these blogs are setup to report facts which are blocked by military in local media. But all you guys are talking about is shit which has got nothing to do with anything.

You think you have got answers to Fiji's problems with this attitude and low down mentality. It is not even worth wasting my time talking or responding to any comments when a true report should have the name of the author, if there is any truth in the reports.

Maybe this is why media freedom is lost in Fiji now because spineless people like you feed from false information, and get sucked in to adding rubbish without substance.

Maybe you thought Mr Maharaj had knowledge about Chaudhry's million's and would reveal more by dragging him into this.

Just get out of your self diagnosis and tunnel vision world. You should go and ask Qarase if he indeed offered to help withdraw Chandrika Prasad case for $5million compensation to the 2000 coup victims and attempt to put his head out to help unite the FIJIANS in 2000.

If that is true as he has explained, then Mr Maharaj deserves a lot of MANA from the people. He is indeed a Statesmen and his name should not be meligned in with petty politics.

Anonymous said...

Santa please shut up and just go back to the no god kiwi land where you're from....Atma was corrupt from day one and everyone knows he stole from Asc Motors....

Anonymous said...

coupfourpointfive.blogspot.com is very pleasant to read. The article is very professionally written. I enjoyed reading coupfourpointfive.blogspot.com. keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

It is also no secret that "I USED TO" talk to Frank as I was negotiating between Helen Clerk and Frank to sleep in the same bad or military will settle down in the hot seat and stay put for long haul. There are several written statements from NZ Govt and Fiji Govt through myself so talking with Frank is also no secret which was in late 2007 and half way in 2008. I even went to NZ Parliament and told them to put their money where their mouth is and give the $1.5M to the election funds and have a member from NZ in the team to organize the elections office or forget about the elections.

Anonymous said...

He registered a company with a few well known accountants of Suva(kailoma) and registered the 4×4′s to this company prior to handing them over to george speight and friends to use. Try RISE MONEY INVESTMENTS at the records office