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Monday, June 22, 2009

Police jazz band renamed to reflect church

The popular Police Jazz Band has been renamed as the Police Worship Band.

Police spokeswoman and former radio reporter, Ema Mua, made the announcement at the end of the New Methodist Church led police crusade at Suva's Sukuna Park, yesterday afternoon.

While making the announcement Mua said the name change conformed with the theme "soul policing" to combat crime.

She says the Police Worship Team will still participate in marches and parades during festivals but would start singing gospel tunes.

Sources say this shows the power the New Methodist Church has over the police force.

Police Commissioner Esala Teleni is an influential member of the Church led by his younger brother Atu Vulaono.

Already police officers residing in the barracks and quarters have been banned from consuming kava in their homes, as the philosophy of the New Methodist Church doesn't allow members to drink kava.

Before the start of the crusade at Sukuna Park, police officers were warned by Mua, on behalf of Teleni, that those who did not support the crusade should resign.


  1. Ema Mua should stop giving us the bullshit and apply it on herself first.

    For example, stop sleeping with that other married man who was a former Fiji secondary schools sprinter and keep your marriage vows sacred!


  2. The puppet Ema Mua has spoken again! Soooooooo embarrasing trying to speak as if she herself believes in what she's actually saying.

    Tekivu mada i Jeruisalemi!!!!

  3. Pity they didn't rename the New Methodists to reflect the cult worship, divorce and adultery as evidenced by Vulaono's children and Ema Mua. But who are they trying to fool. All that's hidden will be shouted from the rooftops!

  4. Fiji's economy is on the brink of collapse, then what ?


  5. CULT..next move....mass suicide...

  6. The New Methodist apparently started up with the Rev Paula Tekei and then moved on from there. I have seen them in action and they are so noisy! Certainly unappealing to me, but if people like cake and circuses well...

  7. WOW, What Fantatics. The Fiji Police is supposed to be a professional institution and has a multi-racial and multi-religious personnel! This coup has been talking about a multi-racial, religious tolerent New Fiji! If this is the way they go about things disrespecting other religion and Police personnel's beliefs.. I ask the question:

    WHAT KIND OF NEW FIJI ARE THEY TARGETING? The Police Force to be called "The New Methodist Police of FIJI?" and to be employed it is complusory to join their religion. just to start of with? Whats next? The NEW METHODIST NAVY of Fiji?

  8. Kinda like the band on the Titanic.

    As for mass suicide? We can only hope...

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  10. Last post, well said, bloody hilarious.
    The band on theTitanic !

  11. what the hell is going on back in fjij , how can a government body that is suppose to be promoting peace, justice and equality , be made into a cult like this , i just hope that the people of fiji are watching the news thats comin out IRAN , people fighting back , enough of the BS , and just stand up to Frank and his soldiers, people who didnt even finish school ,and want to come and run a country , its not easy is it Frank , and now you are just digging more and more holes , sooner or later , the whole of fji is going to fall , and then WHAT ...Frank and his crew will run off somewhere to hide , after they have taken everything from the country

  12. http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/pacbeat/stories/200906/s2605141.htm

  13. 'Police Band (music) to reflect Church'.

    After seeing its lineup - can't wait to hear this one?

  14. Frank's crew have pretty well run out of options regarding future bolt holes - as for Frank he's no mug - got choices - North Korea -Iran - Somalia...


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