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Friday, June 19, 2009

Police officers told to support new church

Members of Fiji’s Police Force have been told they must support the New Methodist Church Crusade,led by the brother of Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni.

The directive was aired on radio on Wednesday, before the start of a four-day Crusade at Suva’s Sukuna Park yesterday.

Teleni says all officers must support the Crusade, saying it is the new technique to combating crime.

Police Public Relations spokesperson, Ema Mua, told a local radio station they are aware officers are disgruntled but said officers who do not support the new edict can resign.

Using language similar to that of her boss Teleni, Mua said the resignations would not be a loss because many others want to join the Force.

But Mua fails to say how new recruits will replace experienced officers who've served the Force for more than 20 years.


Anonymous said...

Ema Mua has now become a puppet who does not make up her own mind. She has sold her soul to support this ungodly crusade which has taken the police force by storm.

If it is admitted by the police force itself that there are disgruntled officers then Teleni should find out why this is happening if this is God's plans.

If Teleni dsregards this hen it is easy to see that coercion is part of this whole sorry affair!

I feel for the Police officers and their families who have their own religions but have to make a show that they are part of the current crusade just to keep their jobs.

Teleni must understand that being a policeman is a paid job and not a paid member of the New Methodist! But then again does he understand all these intricacies?

Anonymous said...

In other words to the non-christian career officers....crawl on your knees to me and kiss my feet if you want to remain on the force.

Surprise that hindu leaders remained so quiet

mark manning said...

I was under the impression that it was the responsibility of Police to uphold the Law, not re write the Law !

Anonymous said...

Dewan Maharaj should explain. If the Charter recognises that our communities are free to follow their beliefs as enshrined in our Constitution, why are Hindhu police officers being forced to be part of the new methodist cult of the illegal Police Commissioner?

Anonymous said...

Read 'Speight of violence' be amazed how same names keep bopping up.

Non more so that that conman from Natewa.

Boy that indemity clause not looking real flash now.

Wonder what Speight makes of it all?


Anonymous said...

God gave every individual the choice to be righteous or follow the other path.HE COULD HAVE MADE US TO BE HIS SERVANTS BUT HE GAVE US THE CHOICE.
Teleni and his cronies are trying to force their beliefs onto others which greatly contridics the core belief of Christianity...the freedom to choose...good or evil.Please read your Bible Teleni and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Anonymous said...

Funny how some people of Fiji whine and cry over all these issues, but what are these people doing??? absolutely nothing other than to sit on their buttoms and twindle their thumbs....yes we are scared for our lives but cant we get our cry heard by mass peaceful demonstration....today my soul is ashamed coz being a professional I have not done anything to voice my self but what can I achieve alone??? Nothing. I need support, WE need support, we need masses, we need voices to become one loud voice so that we can be heard....I dont want blood shed , fijians killing indians or fijians killing each other over church differences but what we must TOGETHER fight is the hands and feet that are stomping us and pushing us deeper in a rut where everyone is suffering no matter your color creed race or ethnicity.......Fiji needs just one hand that will say "ENOUGH"...and lead us to our freedom.

While we all sit around scatching our head, likes of Francis Narayan are laughing their way to the Bank.

How despondent we are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Common FIJI POLICE OFFICERS....wake up mada,there is a time for everything,you have your rite in the way to worship,where,when for yourself....and your family....and also to know that uniform is for 'CAKACAKA' not for meke or dance in the view of the public...DONT please person but please the lord only....You wont be trouble...you have your land to make good use of it..so wake up and stand up now..or never!!!