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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Public Emergency to remain till December

Photo:Frank Bainimarama's son during 2006 coup

Interim Prime Minister and army commander Frank Bainimarama has for the first time publicly announced that the Public Emergency Regulations in force in Fiji since 10th April, will remain for the rest of the year.

Bainimarama told the regime owned Radio Fiji news today that some people with "dirty political motives" are awaiting the removal of the regulations to organise a protest march against the regime.

The army commander who has the backing of more than 6000 regular police and military personnel says they will give no room to any one or any institution to cause incitement.

Bainimarama claimed he has only five people against him but he does not count them as a threat.

But sources say he is obviously worried because he keeps extending the emergency regulations.

Referring to the Methodist church protest march that he had cancelled, he told Radio Fiji he had heard the church planned to use students from church run schools to participate in the march.

On Legend FM news, he claimed some church members and executives were misleading members during sermons by saying the conference will go ahead in August.

He reiterated that unless the Methodist Church divorced iself from politics, the Church would be denied permission to hold its conference in 2010 as well.

It's been almost three months since the regime severely curtailed the free flow of information by imposing total censorship on the media.

Media outlets are being forced to refer to the "regime" as "government" and refer to "interim ministers" as "ministers".

No negative news story about health facilities, pot-holed roads or frequent water cuts are allowed to be broadcast or published.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about the photo? Son's not responsible
for sins of father - just as fathers not responsible for sins of sons - Ganilau.
Give boy benifit of doubt - didn't join navy?

mark manning said...

The 1st. casualty of war is truth !
Sins of the Father :-

Anonymous said...

Is that really Bainimarama's son - He looks like an Indian to me and does not look like his father at all.

Well this is to be expected knowing his mother's background - Dumb Frank cannot even tell if his kids are his.

Anonymous said...

Of course the bible says that sons will be cursed for the sins of their fathers.
Our sons will be made to bear the consequence of our sinful deeds.

Anonymous said...

What incitement are they talking about? They are the ones inciting hatred, frustration and racial tension that is boiling and goodness knows when it will explode in their faces!

Anonymous said...

The Methodist Conference is going full swing ahead...this regime better get ready ga and stop pretending to themselves that people are going to listen this time around...sorry...

Anonymous said...

It just shows that Frank and his goons are scared of the Methodist Church because it has allowed all religions to hold gatherings and meetings except the Methodist.

He has set conditions for the Methodist Church that they could hold their annual conference only if it sacked the two Ministers knowing full well that this could not be done because Ministers can only be removed during the conference proceedings-a case of chicken or egg first.

This way the Church will be seen as refusing to abide by Bainimarama's condition and will justify him not granting the permit forthe Church to meet.

Frank is not bright but sly in the most evil way!

mark manning said...

MSG to take Fiji’s case to the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in Cairns :-

Fiji’s Interim Prime Minister censors speakers at Youth Festival :-

United States immigration scam, Fijian applicants effected :-

Please don’t spread this around, but Frank doesn’t want anyone to find out that he has banned some Youth from speaking @ the UNESCO youth Conference, so he has banned people from exposing the fact that his Regime has banned some youth from speaking @ the UNESCO Youth Conference. Please keep this quiet ! :-

mark manning said...


Anonymous said...

Keeping bad news out of the media is pretty pointless since most people in Fiji are living the bad news themselves already!

They can all see it, and they all talk about it to their friends.

I am willing to bet big money that the PER will be extended well beyond December 2009 since the Fiji's economy is in real strife that will not turn around by itself for years. (We can kiss the 2014 elections goodbye in that case, too - not that they would be free or fair anyway)

Moreover, the PER itself is bottling up frustrations and aggravating the very "instability" that it was put in place to address.

So there is very little cause to believe that we will emerge naturally out of this corner the Regime has backed itself and the nation into. If we want to get out, we've got to get ourselves out!

SEMI MEO said...

Better we leave children and spouses out off this cyber boxing ring…please...”kerekere bibi”...just cause most of us have kids too and spouses who may have no idea what so ever of our “closet self” and our philosophical prostitution, the consequences of which have surges to shame them as well….shame on us parents!!

The Dictator is notorious for his “Gaun” rhetoric, yep….LND, but this time he may be making a fair assessment of the 5 against him…..hee….hee….hee….study the faces of his Cabinet and his Military Council. 24/7 there are NOT with him!!

The figure 5 mentioned may have send guilt waves up the spine of certain members of his Cabinet and Military Council. Do we really believe ALL of them have sold their individual soul to the the Dictator???? NO WAY!! Soon we shall see which ones have been speaking to other local and foreign concerns with probably promise of..eh..save haven, lollies (?) Do we smell another Cabinet Military Council re-shuffles?

Let’s wait and see..it’s simple husbandry;..plat “kapechi”, you harvest “kapechi” NOT baigani!!..you plant SEDITION..by golly it’s a fast growing thorny bush!! Tick…tock…tick..tock..let’s wait, have a cuppa.. and see!!

Anonymous said...

"get ourselves out". Now your getting the picture - be assured - won't be done by threats & payback.

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo - 24/7 ssshhh.
Most gifted last heard of selling fish in Levuka - ssshhh. Ni moce.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo - Gau connection.
Connections both sides - important thing being they - those born 2 talk - accept & claim him as own. Lets see em talk there way out of this? Gee - you Kai Natewa very smart. Ni Moce.

Anonymous said...

@Semi Meo.
Vasu. Ni Moce.

Anonymous said...

When this sad chapter of Fiji's history is finally brought to its inevitable close, historians will our over the developments to catalogue its many, and compounded, mistakes and lessons.

One of the characteristics they will highlight is the lack of exit strategies, or understanding of these.

The whole 2006 coup had no realistic exit strategy to begin with. And even when some realistic ones were suggested (like by the Appeals Court), these were ignored.

Now history has repeated itself and the traitors have again deposited themselves in a quagmire (ie PER) with no viable exit strategy.

My goodness, all you have to do is think a tiny bit, and you'll see that if peoples' opinions and free speech is what you are trying to eradicate with the PER, then you'll just never be able to lift it.

By comparison, a "true democracy" embraces diverse opinions, free speech and even dissent.

Good luck getting there, though Frank. It won't be easy from inside a quagmire within a quagmire!

Anonymous said...

Were not the ones in bog - they are...