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Monday, June 8, 2009

Regime in tight position over PER

Fiji has been told that it must lift the Public Emergency Regulations, which expires this Wednesday, or next month's Asia-Pacific broadcasting conference will be relocated.

The emergency regulations has been in force since the April 10th.

Our sources have established that editors and news directors of all media outlets, which have been under heavy censorship for two months, will be summoned, most likely individually, for a one-on-one meeting with Permanent Secretary for Information, Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni in the next few days.

Sources say the interim regime has found itself in a very tight corner due to its commitment to host the Asia-Pacific Institute for the Broadcasting Development (AIBD) General Assemby next month.

The week long assembly will be held at Nadi from July the 19th to the 26th.

The offer to host the conference in Fiji was made by Leweni when he attended last year's meeting,where he was elected a Vice-President.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that if the emergency regulations are not lifted on June the 10th, the AIDB will not allow Fiji to host the conference and will look for an alternative host nation that cherishes press freedom.

As a result the regime has found itself in a no-win situation because should AIBD cancel the hosting right, the country's already tarnished reputation, will become even more stained.

Fiji will also lose out on valuable foreign exchange and tourist dollars.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the regime want to talk to editors because lifting the regulations will mean absolute media freedom and criticism of the regime.

Our sources say the regime is also planning to re-impose the emergency regulations after the conference in August, to prevent the Methodist Church from holding its annual conference that it has already banned.


Anonymous said...

Leweni..was elected Vice President....what a bloody joke...who were the morons who elected him....???

Anonymous said...

I think that Leweni was given the Vice Presidency by virtue of being the next host in Fiji.

He was not given the position because of his capability or his capacity, neither of which he has.

What???????? Leweni as Vice President????????

What a laugh!!!!!!!!

Tears for Fiji said...

Anon 1...my exact sentiments..jeepers VP?? what a real joke!! is it for goodwill?? must be huh.. can't be his experience or qualifications.

Neways, if the AIDB does get cancelled bcos of the PER in-progress, then again it cements to the international community who still doubts the good-for-nothing will of this military regime, that they are NO GOOD!