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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ro Teimumu denies banning Bainimarama

The Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa has denied warning Fiji's interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama, from staying away from Lomanikoro.

Sources told Courfourpointfive on Thursday that following the cancellation of the Methodist Conference by the interim regime, the president and secretary-general of the church, met with Bainimarama and extended an invitation for him to speak at the conference, in the hope that he would allow it to go ahead.

Sources say the two also told Bainimarama that if he accepted the proposal, the conference would have to be moved to another venue because Ro Teimumu didn't want Bainimarama setting foot in her chiefly village.

In an email sent to Coupfourpointfive on behalf of Ro Teimumu, the head of the Burebasaga confederacy denies making a statement to anyone, banning Bainimarama from the Province of Rewa.

"Firstly it should be clearly understood that while Rewa will host the Bose Ko Viti in terms of the provision of the physical infrastructure and all the social events associated with the BKV, given our limited resourcesm the formulation of the agenda and the substantive matters to be discussed during the Bose Ko Viti, remain the sole responsibility of the Methodist Church," the email said.

Ro Teimumu said it was important that her response be verified because it "may actually do more harm than good to the people of Rewa in these difficult times".

"Furthermore the Gone Marama Bale has not discussed any issues with the general secretary of the Methodist Church or any officials of the Church and awaits the advice and position of the Methodist Church, which will be communicated to the Vanua of Rewa through the proper channels with all protocols being observed."

The Lomanikoro village was supposed to host the August conference.

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