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Monday, June 29, 2009

Road map on Wednesday

The interim Prime Minister and army commander Frank Bainimarama will announce the regime's road map at 10am on Wednesday.

Bainimarama will deliver his address from Tradewinds Hotel Convention Centre in Lami just outside Suva. A Department of information statement says Bainimarama's address will be on "Fiji's strategic framework for change".

The road map is expected to state plans for formulating a new Constitution and holding elections by September 2014.

Since 5th December 2006, the regime has consistently reneged on commitments it made to the European Union and the Pacific Islands Forum for elections to be held by March 2009.

The commitments given to the EU were by Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Mahendra Chaudhry and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. The commitment to the Forum was made at the Forum leaders' meting at Tonga in October 2007 by Bainimarama himself.

In February 2007, the regime announced it would be ready to return Fiji to parliamentary democracy in 2010.

But it broke its own commitment and sources say there that the September 2014 commitment announced after the abrogation of the Constitution is also a lie.


Anonymous said...

Big deal!

Who cares? And who will believe it? And who will be satisfied with anything less than democratic elections in 2009?

Nevertheless, the Regime's recent approaches to the World Bank could prove interesting in this. The WB's loan term and conditions are likely to include very strict accountability stipulations.

That may not extend to all the way democratic elections, but it does absolutely require merit-based institutional independence (ie not simply sacking the RBF Governor or the DPP at the drop of a hat because they won't take illegal oaths)

The Regime may now be serious about WB or IMF loans (and it really has NO OTHER WAY if it ever wants to kick-start Fiji's economy again now). If so, it has to "wear" their conditions.

So it's possible we may have seen the last of Frank's central command charade of crony appointments to independent "Constitutional" Institutions (PSC, RBF, FNPF, NLTB,... etc) who are answerable to Frank before their Act or any accountability to the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Who cares - They will be hunted like dogs and brought to justice before 2014 as the country is already bankrupt and nothing will save it from the bloodshed that it is going to experience.

Long live Almighty God as Frank and his crooks will not be able to stop his wrath of anger on them and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

How does it go? That Manhatten Transfer song? "Were on the road to nowhere".

Anonymous said...

Democracy can tolerate - even support - military that overthrows gov. What it has trouble with is it sticking around after the job was done?

Anonymous said...

What bullshit will we hear this time? Best not to watch that crap and continue with our normal work.

They will have to go to the IMF soon for a loan, particularly when all things fail and their repayment of the international bond falls due next year.

That's when the fun will begin as the IMF will then impose conditions that they will have no choice but to follow.

Anonymous said...

Known in IMF speak as "pay up or shut up".

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 30/06 12:13,

Actually, the only genuine way to ensure real institutional independence is to underpin it with real democracy.

So I think WB/IMF conditions will still require something of that sort. And it will need to be in real life, too - not some vague roadmap from people who have proven consistently unable to keep their word on anything before this.

So if Fiji is ever going to see any WB/IMF money, it will probably be after 2014.

That will put Frank in something of a chicken-and-egg bind in terms of his stated roadmap aims of "fixing" Fiji's economy prior to going to elections. So it's a reasonably safe bet then by this criterion, that barring some pretty substantial and unforeseen Chinese largess in the meantime, the 2014 election date will "mysteriously slip" again when the time comes.

Bai didn't want to face the electorate with the Fiji economy in such a regime-caused poor state this year, and he will have little appetite to do so again then, either.