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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sacked CEO back on job

A well-known sports administrator who was sacked as chief executive of the Fiji Investment Corporation by Frank Bainimarama in 2007, has been given his job back.

The re-appointment of Atma Maharaj, as CEO of the Corporation, was made quietly by Fiji's interim regime.

Maharaj’s appearance at the Fiji Institute of Accountants Congress in Nadi last weekend - as CEO shocked - many in Fiji.

Yesterday's Sunday Times reported that Maharaj told accountants at the Congress that the creation of 50,000 jobs in 10 years through business process outsourcing, was achievable.

Bainimarama terminated Maharaj and Corporation Chairman, Joe Mar, claiming they were enjoying exorbitant salaries.

Maharaj, who has an Australian permanent residency, then left for Brisbane to be with his family.

The Fiji Investment Corporation was created by the government of Laisenia Qarase to attract and facilitate investment.

When announcing the terminations and disbanding the Corporation, Bainimarama described it as a waste of public funds bordering on corruption on the part of Qarase.

Coupfourpointfive has been reliably told that Atma Maharaj is the younger brother of Santa Maharaj of Auckland, New Zealand, a close friend of Frank Bainimarama.

Santa Maharaj is the chairman of the NZ based Fiji Human Rights Group.


mark manning said...

Someone in Fiji should challenge this man's right to Australian Citizenship, given that he is involved with a treasonous regime in Fiji.
He also must be breaking some Law and Fijians should get in touch with Tui Savu or some Lawyer who can have his actions investigated and challenged in Australia.
It would be great to see his travel plans interrupted or his Residency revoked and a deportation back to Fiji ordered.
Can someone from Fiji look into it and lobby the Australian Government and also check whether or not he has broken any National or International laws.
The thing which concerns me most is, that there appear to be no Laws being broken, so perhaps we should be lobbying the International Community and courts etc. to have new Laws implemented which make it illegal to support an illegal Regime in a foreign country.
I thought the anti terrorism Laws might cover that, yet it seems these people can do as they please and travel where they like with impunity.
You Fijians should challenge their status within the countries where they are seeking Residency, such as Australia and New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

I think this is just another indication of the hysterical state of mind Frank and Co were in when they executed their coup.

They just started sacking everyone, and rolling back every initiative, associated in their minds with the SDL. The assumption was that everything that the SDL did must have been corrupt, os put a stop to it.

The FIC was one of the first to go, but the Regime did not realize the important niche of venture capital financing that these guys were servicing. Fiji's few other venture capital outfits (like Kontiki) were all tied to the stock market, and so took a hammering when that went south with the coup.

The FIC was the only Fiji-based and Fiji-focussed venture capital outfit not tied to the stock market, so their hands would remained free to continue investing freely after the coup. They also had a brief to boost strategic industries in Fiji by investment, so this would have been even more valuable to the nation at the time.

But the Regime was blinded from all this by their blind hatred of Qarase and the SDL. Now more than two year later, they have woken up to the necessity of something like the FIC (whether or not it is called that, or run by Maharaj).

However, a number of the projects the FIC had been considering have now either wound up, moved on, or else at the very least, have not made any progress since 2006. So much has been lost for nothing.

This and a number of other incidents like fail FICAC prosecutions and failed FNPF project rehabilitations, reveal how negatively the Regime's perceptions of reality are affected by its psychotic aversion to anything Qarase or SDL.

Since those perceptions are so emotive and warped, they are basically a highly unreliable guide to the future. However, these perceptions essentially form the basis of virtually all forward plans being put in place for the country at present.

That being the case, we can anticipate a number of future repeats of the FIC experience, where Government will just have to roll back a number of its poorly-conceived Charter initiatives again the minute somebody "gets a grip", and is able to look at things is a professional, unbiased and non-emotional way.

Anonymous said...

Att Mark Manning.

Been there - tried that.

Australia's handling of this whole sorry affair
(coup)has continually hovered between incompetent & apathetic.
No better illustrated than in the case of former DFAT employee Ravindra(Robin) Nair.

This serial opportunist - illegal regime apologist & citizen of convenience did all his best work while not only receiving remuneration from the regime - but also a hefty pension funded by unknowing Australian taxpayers. Strange thing is his wife still holds an executive position within DFAT?

When this absurd situation was pointed out(Nairs pension) the powers that be within Canberra's intellectual elite (ONA DFAT multitude of 'Think Tanks') all chose to ignore it - but then they've had plenty of practice in this area given their inaction (hypocrisy) over the parasitic lawyers aka judges.

Rest assured Mark there is plenty of provision within the Australian legal & political code to deal with these people - yet for some strange reason Australia chooses not to enforce it? Something that could yet come back & bite them on their collective arses. (re Solomon's)

Keep in mind these people still believe all pirates live in Somalia & only hijack ships.