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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sanatan Dharam quiet

There has been no word from Fiji's largest Hindu Organisation about non-Christian police officers being forced to follow the New Methodist Church.

The Church is being run by the brother of Police Commissioner Esala Teleni.

Shree Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha has also remained quiet on the banning of kava from police barracks and quarters.

Sources say the President of the Sanatan Dharam, Suva businessman Dewan Maharaj, actively supports the interim regime, so will not denounce anything the regime does.

Maharaj was also a member of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji, the group that drew up the People’s Charter.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Suva City Council's administrator, Vijendra Prakash, has allowed the Police Force to use Sukuna Park for its Crusade, free of charge.


mark manning said...

okay, I'm reposting, again, a comment I made in the Fiji Times Online, back in September, 2007.
Please note the 2 replies, they are untouched by me and I don't know who made the replies to my comment.
Mark Manning of Sydney,Australia (38 minutes ago)
It matters not what anyone thinks , this regime decided years ago just exactly what it had in mind and how it would achieve it's goals . Anyone who believes otherwise , is deluding themselves ! The processes this regime have put into place , are merely a smokescreen to hide their real intent . And one can only assume that that is total dominance over all facets of fijian society . Hasn't anyone in Fiji understood yet , that Fiji is being sold out to the asians from under your feet , by your own countrymen ?

Indian of India (29 minutes ago)
To Mar Manning of Sydney Australia-#34
These silly Fijians do not know- ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! We are controlling their Military now. We will do it slowly until we destroy all the Fijian Institutions and the their land rights. The silly Fijians including the selfish Ganilau and Bai do not know and do not bother. GENOCIDE is the MISSION. It can achieved politically.
Crash Stock Exchange of United States (14 minutes ago)

To India and Manning
hahahaha...yeah lets start with crashing the South Pacific Exchange dominated by India and the banks! Maybe the Fijians can start thinking about the 6 billion deal now...hehehehe Take your pick!
Fijians are lousy merchants anyway because their eyes have always been to big for their stomach(traditionally) thus the need to have a corporate body(GCC new look) to curb the crooks that take advantage of the Natadola projects etc. I say Code of conduct is necessary because no chief should be above the law neither are accountants!

mark manning said...

It's all been done before and it's only a matter of time before this becomes a full scale purge against people in Fiji of non-Teleni Christian values.
Question is, who and what is next if you allow this to take a foothold in Fijian society and remember how quickly Fiji culture has already been eroded in just 30 months !
Evil succeeds, where good men do nothing !

Anonymous said...

Why bring the Sanatan Dharm into this ? This is Teleni and his brothers business and not the Sanatan...!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ mark Manning.
Teleni's Taliban - appropriate.

Try asking relevant AUS authorities about the open support their citizens are continually lending this regime? Why they refuse to do anything about it?

You'd be amazed at replies - lack of them.


Anonymous said...

Dewan Maharaj is nothing but a "masi polo" (ball shiner)! The people will wait for their chance and people like Maharaj and other masi polo's will get what's coming to them!

Croz Walsh said...

The post on Sanatan Dharma following on from Teleni's misuse of authority is important. All religious institutions, including other Christian (non-New Methodist) denominations should protest.

But the comments to Mark Manning's comments are illogical and racist -- Fiji sold out to Asians? Destruction of Fijian institutions? Fijians' eyes too big for their stomach?etc. Opinion (or was it intended to be satire?) is one thing; bigotry another. I'm surprised Coupfourpointfive has accepted them. Editors are expected to exercise judgment in what they publish, even where there's media freedom.

Anonymous said...

Hindus are selling their values and religious beliefs for monetary gains and the false sense of belief that Voreqe and his Mataivalu ni Kaidia will save them - We Fijians do not respect them as Fijians anymore as they have sold the Fijian race and will be remebered in the history of Fiji as being weak and meek and not being able to stand up for their personal beliefs like the police Officers.

There is only one and almighty God that will crush all these false prophets and imbersiles.

Tears for Fiji said...

Just as the world blames the Islamic Extremists for most of the terrorist activities we suffer from as inhabitants of Earth, we now have a Christian Extremist group operating in the whole view of the world that have brainwashed the likes of the ruggers involved in their campaign.

Of course, Jesus came to save everyone, but the real frutis of the Spirit is shown by our actions. If one says that they have been god-sent and all, they should look back at the root of their crusade - it's possible by the barrels of guns and by people who have OPPRESSED others.

Jesus did NEITHER. He came for FREEDOM NOT OPPRESSION! So, go figure you RUGGERS CRUSADERS OUT THERE. You may FOOL the uneducated Fijian masses, but NOT US!!! SORRY FULORI!!!

mark manning said...

what's next for Fiji :-

Anonymous said...

Democracies elect - regimes select.


Anonymous said...

@ Tears of Fiji.

Fanatics inhabit all religions.
Comes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

well what do you expect us to do ?? This is the government of the day !!!! The Sanatan Dharm is minding their own business and so should you !!!

mark manning said...

Taliban Teleni's crusade , highlights the need and reason for, the separation of Church and State !

The support of the Regime by unscrupulous religious leaders within Fiji, has come back to bite them as they show their inability to counter this tyrannic maniac called Taliban Teleni.

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