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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teleni bans kava at police quarters

Fiji’s Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni, has banned the drinking of kava in police quarters and barracks, under the rules of the New Methodist Church.

The Fiji Broadcasting Commission today reported that Teleni issued an order under Cap 85 of the Police Act, that there would be no kava drinking at any of the Police Force premises and living quarters.

According to Radio Fiji, Teleni made the statement during a police crusade in Labasa. Police public relations officer and former radio reporter, Ema Mua, says the directive will be put into "black and white".

During his term, the former police commissioner, Andew Hughes, banned kava consumption at all police stations and police posts, as part of moves to instil greater discipline and professionalism.

However, unlike Teleni, Hughes allowed officers residing in police barracks and quarters to drink kava freely.

Maenwhile a four-day police crusade will start tomorrow at Sukuna Park and all officers have been told they must attend.


Anonymous said...

This illegal regime announced yesterday in Radio Fiji news that this police crusade to start this week will be coordinated by the New Methodist Church and funded by the Police Copmmunity Services.

In other words Pastor Vulaono's church is being funded indirectly by the taxpayers of this country. We are really heading for communism where the state will determine which religion is the right religion and where the state determines what is right and what is good for the people without any say by the people of this island nation.

I am afraid that we are heading for doom in this Nation.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Fiji but in Sydney the New Methodists have a weird behavior where they condemn and ridicule yaqona but drink beer!!!

Anonymous said...

Injustice in Fiji...Teleni ulukau!!

SEMI MEO said...

mmm. how about, banning yaqona in his line Minister’s office too, where Police orderlies, Police securities and required to “taki” n “talo”.

Soon, the Naval premises may be "no kava zone", too as Navy Boss is also member of the New Methods Church….sorry….Methodist Church.

Should you read the “Colonel's letter” in this blog site, it would then figure why Comish Teleni is seeking penitence by his new Christian crusade.

Can some one please tell him that only humble righteous prayers go past the roof. Unrepented seditious prayers NEVER go past the ceiling!

He may have confessed his sins, but repentence and restitution may mean stepping down and out of the Dictator's cheer squad. No repentence NO forgiveness of sin..yep..says the Good Book!

Anonymous said...

This just shows that Teleni is all mixed up and confused with his thinking!

He can ban kava in the stations and HQ but in the police quarters? This is basic human right! But then again this regime does not understand the meaning of Human rights.

This is the military way. When you are told to jump you don't ask "why?" but "how high?". This is the whole problem why we are at this crossroad - that no soldier asks this question-"why?". They are always asking "how high?".

Anonymous said...

Not Teleni - this is the idiot & his brothers brainchild.


Anonymous said...

The way things are going, next they'll even prescribe when police men and women should have sex!