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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Union to fight Telecom redundancy

The Fiji Posts and Telecommunications Employees Association (FPTEA)will fight fight a decision by the Telecom Fiji board of directors to make 177 workers redundant.

Telecom Fiji yesterday issued a press release confirming the redundancy plan.

Our sources have told us Telecom Fiji Limited has decided to use the criteria of work performance when selecting the employees who are to lose their jobs.

Sources say while TFL claims the redundancy is part of its cost cutting exercise, the Employment Relations Promulgation (ERP) made into law through promulgation of a decree by the interim regime in April, makes it unlawful for any employer to use performance as a precurson to redundancy.

The FPTEA general secretary is Attar Singh. Singh is also the general secretary of Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions (FICTU) and the chairman of Movement for Democracy in Fiji.

Our sources have established that TFL is offering 2 months pay upfront and one week’s pay for each year of service.

If this redundancy package is enforced, it will mean that each of the 177 workers will receive a meager sum.

177 workers make up almost 20% of Telecom Fiji workforce.

Sources say FPTEA has held meetings with members, who are outraged at their employer’s actions.

The Chairman of Telecom Fiji Ltd is Felix Anthony, an active supporter of the interim regime. Anthony is the general secretary of Fiji Trades Union Congress.

According to sources, a union leader for the last 19 years, Anthony has a consistent record of supporting employers and being anti-union after the 5th December 2006 coup.

Sources say the union will decide in the next few days on their next course of action.


Anonymous said...

wow...this is very BAD NEWS!!

Anonymous said...

This means more family will have to suffer and face the consequences of bad governance....very sad for the people of Fiji!! Sa tukuni tiko vei kemuni na sotia mo ni biuta nomuni dakai ka gole tale ki nakoro...This is the result of the power of the gun!!

Anonymous said...

Well Felix Anthony must be getting a good financial package from this regime to make him turn his back on union members and workers who he claims to represent and fight for.

Not hard to find that being a unionist was only skin deep. The real depth in his character only favours the lining of his pocket!

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony is like Chaudhary - Used the poor innocent workers to fill their pockets and abandoned them when they saw the hundreds of thousands they could make through corruption with the Illegal Regime.

Judgement Day is coming and all these crooks will be exposed and taught a lesson.

Anonymous said...

'be exposed and taught a lesson'.

Don't hold your breath on this one - these are slippery opportunist - those that qualify -know Kai Viti custom & protocol will try & use exit Tabua.