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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Div Damodar tipped for FNPF

Workers' representatives are likely to be excluded from the newly constituted board of Fiji National Provident Fund.

The board that was appointed by army commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, soon after his military coup in 2006 was dissolved by the regime on Wednesday as predicted by Coupfourpointfive earlier this week.

Five out of the six board members have been booted out less than two weeks after it hosted Bainimarama for FNPF re-branding and the launch of new uniforms.

Coming into the job is the acting permanent secretary for finance and a very close friend of interim attorney general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, New Zealand citizen John Prasad.

Fosters group marketing manager, Joe Rodan, and the chief financial officer of CJ Patel Group of Companies, Sri Lankan national Ajith Kodagoda, have been appointed, presumably as employer representaivs.

According to our sources, the Fiji Employers Federation was not consulted on the removal of its two nominees nor asked to recommend new nominees.

Sources say the FTUC, of which Urai and Anthony are President and General Secretary respectively, will adopt a position of not allowing any leaders of its affiliate unions to accept FNPF Board appointments.

They say if any FTUC affiliate leader goes ahead and accepts appointment, it would be regarded as backstabbing Anthony and Urai - something both are guilty of when the two pre-coup workers' reps were axed by Bainimarama.

We have also been told the other national trade union afiliate, Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, which was victimised by Bainimarama when he axed FICTU President Maika Namudu, one of the worker reps from the Board, is likely to be ignored by the regime.

FICTU general secretary, Attar Singh, is the chairman of Fiji's Movement for Democracy and one of the strongest critics of the regime.

Given this scenario, our sources say it is more than likely the regime will change the criteria of membership to the Board of the largest financial institution in Fiji. Instead of two each nominees of the State, Employers and Workers, the regime is likely to pick personalities who sympathise with them.

This scenario is corrobarated by a post on the pro-regime blog Real Fiji News, which predicts Village Cinemas director and fellow Sayed-Khaiyum friend, Div Damodar, as a likely new FNPF board member.


Anonymous said...

What? So were now going into the movie business? Gee - maybe we could bring in Bollywood actors - diretors & crews - make them in Studio City?

Anonymous said...

Hopes this teaches Urai and Anthony a good lesson - Never abandon the rights of workers who pay you to represent them.

The Military Junta used you for thier own purposes and you are no longer of any use to them so will be thrown out like the rest of the dogs.

FTUC affiliates should votes to get rid of people like Urai and Anthony who are only there to fill their pockets and not the welfare of members.

Justice will always prevail and praised be Almighty God.

Anonymous said...

Those FTUC leaders that back stabbed the workers are now getting a taste of their own medicine.

The plight of the POOR cannot be ignored.

The corrupt must be removed from the FNPF.
Urai/Anthony you two are a disgrace to the workers unions.

Anonymous said...

Not interested in workers - just their money.

Anonymous said...

Thats probably the dumbest move yet,removing the current board members,doubt that you would be able to find more honest men then the ones that were (rudely) booted from the FNPF board,those men had the best inbterest of the Fij people at heart,kicked out investers that wre over blowing the budget and those other corrupt people that previously were misusing funds,...lets just see if the new board members can do an equally good job as the previous board.

Anonymous said...

Every dog has its day!

Anonymous said...

Div is smart and a very good businessman. these kind of people can lead fiji to success n prosperity..you all are jalouse i dont no why..i think because you want to be like him and you cant..loosers...

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure - we can all join your gang & spell like you.