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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Analysis of Bainimarama's roadmap

Frank Bainimarama tried to fool Fiji and the world when he delivered his strategic framework for change national address today.

His claim that work on a new Constitution will start in September 2012 reveals that the regime will not relinquish power in September 2014 as he claimed today.

We draw your attention to his interview with Australian journalist Graham Davies in early May.

During the interview Bainimarama said he had the shortest time of five years to carry out economic and constitutional reforms and this was a very hard task.

If five years is a short time, then Bainimarama’s announcement of work on a new Constitution starting in September 2012 – 2 years from the projected elections in September 2014 is nonsensical.

Coupfourpointfive believes it is basically to pull wool over people's eyes.

Two days ago, when we reported about the announcement of a road map, we stated that the regime had not only violated its commitments to the international community to hold elections by March 2009, but also its own timetable for elections to be held in 2010.

In February 2007, two months before the regime gave its commitment of a Mach 2009 election to the EU and later to the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders, Bainimarama through an interim Cabinet statement said they had adopted a road map for return to parliamentary democracy.

He said under the road map, Fiji would be ready for a general election and full restoration of parliamentary democracy as early as 2010.

At that time he stated that sustained economic growth, sugar industry restructure, land use planning, revival of tourist sector and improvement of the precarious state of national finances would have to be completed before elections.

In his address today, Bainimarama, while stating that work on a new Constitution would start in September 2012, said economic revival and strengthening, sugar industry restructure, improving living conditions and wages, improving infrastructure or in other words socio-economic conditions – were prerequisites to the start of work on a new Constitution.

This confirms that elections are the last thing on the mind's of Bainimarama's, the military council and the coup leader’s closest ally and adviser, interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Watch this space for more analysis throughout the week.


Anonymous said...

Roadmaps & illiteracy? Does not auger well.

Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom what kind of mindset is needed to make someone believe that they are responsible for the future of a nation and the lives of about 900, 000 people.

There is only one reason that someone could convince themselves to believe and propagate this belief and that is self preservation.

And self preservation will always outweigh morality. This is the rationale for all those unfortunate souls supporting this IG.

mark manning said...

Is this " Constitution four & a half ", sounds like a blog site !

Anonymous said...

End of beginning - beginning of end - end games? Take your pick?

SEMI MEO said...

Now, our anger should be shifted towards those cowards within the Commodore’s inner circle. Those in the interim Cabinet, Military Council and handful of “mentors” who are privy to his Mob no. and landline. The elite members of this privileged bunch have no consideration what so ever for the rest of us, no spare thought for our real pathetic political, ailing economic and degraded social predicament.

The Bainimarama aura captivates and paralysis each one of them, they may eat with it, breath it and sleep with!! As we speak, their cowardice may have consequently created havoc amongst their families. Simply, ‘cause members of their respective family may have had the opportunity to mingle with the common folks on the streets or ear drop on ‘uncensored local and overseas news sources...and learnt the TRUTH!!

All we are saying, is this may be a frightening phenomenon for Fiji. That is; Commodore Bainimarama may NOT be in control any longer…mmmm....I do wonder if my Tauvu is ever getting enough sleep….lying on his back watching lizards chasing moths on the ceiling of his colonial mansion. Seems the only “Lizzards” he should worry about are the “iguanas” around him;..yesh shir!! in his hearing, but “bati ni toro” and changes colour elsewhere..

Anonymous said...

Voreqe and his crooks do not what to do and have led the country to bankruptcy.

Resign now or you will be all hunted down like dogs through the power of the almighty.

The Methodist Church is here to stay and will boot you crooks out of power.

Anonymous said...

Second verse, same as the first!

A little bit louder, and a little bit worse!!

Anonymous said...

Cheer up folks - good news - look who "their closest ally and advisor" is?

Anonymous said...

Constitution # 4 1/2. This will take Fiji to the top.

Anonymous said...

"Bainimarama unveils constitutional plans" FT
2nd July - ask's others (overseas) 2 pay for it? What is wrong with this man?

Anonymous said...

2014 date another thinly disguised example of Bai trying to put his own welfare before that the nation - yet again.

March 2014 is when his current Commander's contract falls due again. So unsurprisingly everything related to Fiji's return to democracy has been slated to take place (if at all) after that date.

FijianBlack said...

I'd bet good money that when his contract is due, the retirement age for the Commander (sic) RFMF will "mysteriously increase to 70.

Anonymous said...

Gee your an optimist - despots like this usually view it as a job for life - some even pass in on - pray he never visits N Korea.

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