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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bainimarama interferes with judiciary?

Reliable sources close to the judiciary have told us that those charged with conspiracy to assasinate interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama and four others in November 2007, are likely to be imprisoned by High Court judge Daniel Gounder.

Sources say Bainimarama has told Gounder he should put the men away for a long time.

According to sources, Bainimarama fears that some of those charged with the assassination conspiracy, who happen to be elite soldiers of Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit that was disbanded by Bainimarama after the November 2000 mutiny, may lend support to any insurrection against him if the military carries out such an act.

Sources say this is a classic case of paranoia on the part of Bainimarama. The men, including Naitasiri High Chief Ratu Inoke Takivekata, have denied all charges.

Two of those charged in the same plot, New Zealand businessman and citizen Ballu Khan, and former Land Force Commander Joela Baledrokadroka, were discharged by the High Court after no substantive evidence was found against them.

Khan was almost beaten to death by soldiers in November 2007 and had to spend almost two months in hospital.

Khan was eventually able to leave Fiji and return to New Zealand while Baledrokadroka is studying at the Australian National University.

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