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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bainimarama to contest 2014 elections?

We have received word from Port Vila, Vanuatu, that interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has told both the Melanesian Spearhed Group leaders as well as a journalist, that he'll contest the general elections scheduled by him for September 2014.

Bainimarama is believed to have told a veteran journalist covering the meet, Radio Australia's Sean Dorney,that he'll be a candidate.

If elections are held in 2014 as scheduled, the Commodore will be 60 years old.

More on this as the story develops.


SEMI MEO said...

...mmmmm....as yours truly earlier challenged. I’ll take on my tauvu...any where any time, even if the constituency includes the Military camp or postal votes from overseas deployment.

.He with his worldwide publicity, Asia connection, local cheer squad...eh….yours truly, with,…mmm… may be a choice of running mate!!

But, may be the Vanuatu Kava may have really "kicked" like a donkey!!

Anonymous said...

Him and the Cobra on a double ticket - wonder how that would go?

Anonymous said...

Nobody should believe this liar! This is just another of his sickly jokes which journalists have publicised. With this thug Frank we only believe things will happen when it actually does.

Anonymous said...

Oh please God let it be true!!

I will form a one-man party JUST to campaign against him.

And I can't wait to put him (or his party) as LAST PREFERENCE on my own two ballots!

Anonymous said...

Frank and the Cobra wouldn't win if they stood against a corpse.