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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chaudhry and Qarase's agreement

Coupfourpointfive has been told Mahendra Chaudhry and Laisenia Qarase have an agreement on a plan to overthrow Frank Bainimarama's regime and take over ruling Fiji.

The two last met on July 8 at the opening of Rajendra Chaudhry's law office in Suva.

Sources say Chaudry and Qarase have been hatching how to return to government and have a plan in place.

If what've we've been told is true, then it is ironic they want to work together now, considering the squabbles when Qarase was prime minister.

After the 2006 coup, Chaudhry endorsed the illegal overthrow by saying Qarase was corrupt. He also accepted a position on Bainimarama's interim government.


FijiGirl said...

Don't do it Lai! NOTHING is worth getting in to bed with that liu muri traitor. He brought about this coup, he was in cahoots with Bainivore and did NOTHING to stop it or warn our legitimately elected government. He is a treasonous wastrel and will never 'change his spots'. He does NOT hold the key to peace or fresh elections. Don't do it, Lai!
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Just goes to prove the old saying that "in politics there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests".

The other twist you forgot to mention is that Frank was the main one in 2000 who insisted that Chaudhry was "not coming back as PM".

Politics in Fiji can truly be seen therefore as "the art of the possible".