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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chaudhry criticises Bainimarama

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry has criticised interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama's "Strategic Framework for Change" delivered in a televised national address on July 1.

In a statement posted on the Fiji Labour Party website, Mr Chaudhry says the regime has got its priorities all wrong if it thought it could shelve a resolution to the country’s political crisis for three years while it focused on economic and infrastructure development.

"We should have learnt from our recent past just how important political stability is for economic well being. Unless we have a stable, inclusive and democratic political environment acceptable to the international community and our development partners, it will be very difficult to create the investor confidence necessary to stimulate private sector growth," Chaudhry said.

He said the regime lacked accountability and transparency and its transactions were very worrying.

Chaudhry warned Fiji was going to be plunged deeper into isolation as the international community was not going to buy the three year delay.

He said Bainimarama's address carried nothing new.

"Government intends to concentrate on infrastructure and the economy, but these are the normal functions of any government."

While criticising the interim regime for lack of transparency and accountability, Chaudhry forgets that in July 2008 when Bainimarama's $184,000 leave payout was revealed by the media, the Labour leader strongly defended the army commander saying the payment was totally justified and that he as interim finance minister had approved it in February 2008.

The approval of the payment co-incided with revelations by Fiji Times and Fiji Sun about Chaudhry's $2 million stash in Australian bank accounts.

Chaudhry was cleared of tax evasion by the regime in a secretive inquiry revealed to the people after it was completed in 3 days.

In November 2008, when it was revealed that the army used $45.5 million in funds in addition to its 2007 budget allocation, Chaudhry again came to the defence of the regime and Bainimarama.

At that time he said, he had approved the over-expenditure as it was necessary for maintenance of national security, law and order.


SEMI MEO said...

"Ko cei sa vosa"? We have never heard the resurrection of Judas. Does uncle Chaudhry indeed to cajole us all to rewrite our values and the very moral fibber of our civilised society? He never stops!

First, he must confess to us all for his pre Dec 2006 seditious escapade with the national Alliance and Military.

His blooming masculine voice may not be hitting any political decibel to even disturb a church mouse.

Changing tune will not save his bacon any more. We say, wait for your D day, uncle Chaudhry. We’ll surely visit you at Laucala bay....opps….Island off Laucala bay.

Keep The Faith said...

Ptooey! Ma'chaud trying to right his political misdemeanors right now is just as distasteful as Rabuka trying to be relevant and Frank pretending to run the country.

Anonymous said...

This is the case of the black kettle being called black by an even blacker pot of poisonous venoms. Mahendra Chaudhry doing what he does best - throwing sh*t at everyone else because he is wallowing in its tank.

Anonymous said...

About the only sensible & accurate statement he's made - for a long time - finally see's what others have been saying - for a long time.
Only leaves the question of how?

Anonymous said...

shot him.period!!

mark manning said...

Here are a few sites I downloaded for all to copy and paste so you can keep going back to them anytime you like to be kept up to date on new stories.
So make sure you keep the links, but don't tell Frank that you are reading the blogs because he doesn't want his citizens to get depressed !
Frank doesn't want the world to know the truth, but the more he tries to stop Mr. Qarase, the more attention he brings to himself.
Mr. Somare must have been offered a handsome sum to even contemplate agreeing to Frank's demands.
Microfinance, because there's nothing else left in Fiji now.
But it's ok to decimate the economy so children can turn to prostitution.
If your reading this, you should be depressed according to Frank .
Are the Freemasons behind this coup ?
If you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig !
Tourists avoiding Fiji.
Is this one of the pestilence the Bible speaks of ?
When the shit hits the fan, the Pacific Islanders want our money, but when we have our own opinions on matters, we are evil. How convenient, maybe Samoa can finance Frank and I can put my taxes to better use !
I'm banning Frank and his cronies from attending anything and everything.
On the road to nowhere.
Freemasons, are they behind this coup ?
This is confusing and these are conflicting views.
Human Rights.
More confusion.
According to Somare, you can put lipstick on a pig and it will then be recognised as an elephant etc.
Right is might, so what is Frank scared of really ? Prison ?
At least one country has the testicles to stand up to Frank and Co. and is principled enough to stand it's ground against this murderous, barbaric, treasonous Regime.

FijiGirl said...

Chodo won't wash his hands clean until he fesses up to his role in the illegal 2006 coup, his role in the illegal interim regime, the source of his Harayana $2m, and tells We The People 'where the bodies are buried' for this illegal, corrupt, fascist regime that HE supported into power.
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary has more guts than all the above bloggers and all the indegenous Fijians as he has the guts to criticise Voreqe openly without fear although he is in Fiji.

If all these indegenous Fijians had any guts they would all stand up against Frank and get rid of him.

Chaudhary you are the MAN.

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary should be appointed PM as he is a fearless leader come what may not like all the hangers on in Fiji who keep sucking up to Voreqe.