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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dictator speaks at AIBD Conference

Interim prime minister and military commander Frank Bainimarama says the Public Emergency Regulations imposed in Fiji is a temporary measure.

He made the comments at the Asia Institute for Broadcast Development conference in Nadi today, which was attended by over a hundred delegates.

The AIBD went ahead and stuck to Fiji as its conference venue despite the imposition of Public Emergency Regulations and absolute media censorship by the regime following the abrogation of the Constitution on 10th April.

Permanent Secretary for Information and military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni is a Vice-President of AIBD.

Bainimarama claims the PER seeks to provide a "stable socio-political platform that is conducive for national building initiatives to take place".

He said the key message for the media is to be "more balanced and responsible with their reporting".

During his speech today Bainimarama also claimed the PER is working in what he called a shift from "journalism of old to journalism of hope".

He claimed the regime believed in media freedom and freedom of expression saying these are fundamental principles of "true democracy".

Bainimarama said for the media to become an inspiration for growth, progress and development, the regime needed media personnel "who are capable and responsible" adding that for this to happen the regime "must champion the interests of both the media owners and journalists".


Anonymous said...

He's dead set barking mad.

mark manning said...

What an uninspiring speech, who writes this crap ?

ex Fiji tourist said...

The above garbage from the illegal jaundiced junta can be summed up in a very few words;

bovine excreta

Anonymous said...

What rubbish!

Whoever the Government of the day is, it is their job to create a "stable socio-political platform that is conducive for national building initiatives to take place".

If they can't manage that, then don't blame the media who only REPORT on developments, not create them.

The media is simply part of the process of "good governance". If people do "bad" things, they will get "bad" press. If they do "good" things, they will (generally) get "good" press.

This is basic behavioural re-inforcement on a national level.

The problem for the Regime is that this is not a "relative" arrangement. If poor or substandard leaders do THEIR best, that is simply not good enough. The people and the media know they can get "more for their vote", and so will demand it. They don't have to sit around indefinitely while grown men who don't know what they are doing try to learn how to run a country WHILE ON THE JOB ITSELF - with all the damage and avoidable mistakes such a horrifying prospect will naturally entail.