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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fiji won't be allowed to attend Forum

A spokesman for the Australian Prime Ministers office says Fiji won't be allowed to attend the Pacific Leaders Forum in Cairns next month.

Frank Leverett has told Radio Australia that although Fiji is still a member of the Forum, it has been suspended from attending any meetings.

Fiji was suspended in May after interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama failed to set a date for elections later this year.

The leaders of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands have said they want the sanctions on Fiji lifted.

Yesterday New Zealand prime minister John Key said Fiji will be discussed at next month's Forum but it will not dominate discussions.

1 comment:

SEMI MEO said...

Oh boy!....with Wantoks kicking up a fuss and the heavy presence of Aussie Fijian protest groups supported by other Pacific Island Groups and may be Aboriginal cousins; it is set to “dominate” the forum atmosphere, and of course consequently, the Forum Agenda, yet again!.

How could the Fiji issue be left at the back burner of any Forum meetings? Apart from the unique and revered traditional and customary brotherhood a majority of forum Island Nations, and her people, have with Fiji, and her Chief and subjects enjoys, Fiji is a “senior” and member of the Forum.
Fiji’s political, economic and social “swine flu” is contagious! You treat it not, the whole Forum community will be continuously sick UNTILL treated equitably.
But, may be all Fiji need is some cosy Hugs, brotherly kisses on the cheek and, NOT stepping on the oxygen tube to the detriment of our people!

Have mercy on us, oh mighty Forum big brothers!

When we were spewing sick, you visited; that we’ll never forget!!, ‘ cause one day, one day, you’ll need our “ wai ni macake”, and we’ll answer to your call as we generously did in all wars and offer friendship in peace times.!!

Mr “Key”, open the lock of your heart and wallet to us, and Mr “Rudd” we also wanna swim in the cool fresh water of democracy you now enjoy!!