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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Former attorney general sacked as Natadola lawyer

The lawyer, Anand Singh - the former Attorney-General in Mahendra Chaudhry’s Fiji Labour Party led coalition government between May 1999 and May 2000 - has been sacked as the lawyer for Natadola Bay Resorts Limited (NBRL).

NBRL is a subsidiary of Fiji National Provident Fund. The NBRL chairman, Felix Anthony, lost his position last week after the FNPF board was axed by the interim regime.

Sources say the decision to terminate Singh was made by the new FNPF chairman, John Prasad. Singh was hired by NBRL more than a year ago. His legal consultancy was believed to be worth more than a quarter million dollars a year.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Singh was even given prime office space in the FNPF headquarters, Downtown Boulevard, to run his legal consultancy. He hired Anit Singh as his office manager. Anit Singh is the brother-in-law of Shameem sisters, Shaista and Nazhat, having married their younger sister.

After the May 2000 coup, he assisted Shaista in her capacity as director of Fiji Human Rights Commission to set up a refugee camp at Girmit Centre in Lautoka city, that housed farmers from Muaniweni and Dawasamu terrorised during the 2006 coup.

Between 2001 and until the 2006 elections, Anand Singh was a Labour Party senator and legal advisor to FLP.


Anonymous said...

Given the shambles that is Natadola - surprised it took this long?

Anonymous said...

Mr Singh was going his job very well. Both Anit and Anand Singh did nothing but good for this Country. I thing people who had fired him lost their minds. Anand Sigh is Fiji's best lawyer. Its a pitty People of Fiji dnt know him.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong in having a legal contract of $250k per annum to deal with issues relating to Natadola Bay Resort matters when the entire Board for the FNPF had been fired.

Were we looking for an experienced lawyer with limited comercial law exposure to advice on giant Natadola project to guide it to its opening as we all know there were many hurdles after the December 2006 event.

What is $250k per annum legal fees during the crisis brought into the project after December 2006 as a full time involvement in such project when comparing to the salaries of chair persons of say FTIB and FNPF at around $160k per annum.

I thought regime was not finding quality people to take up jobs of this nature due to travel ban. But when you have one, they seem to get rid of them??

It seems that when a task gets completed successfully they have to be dumped, so that those who remain can take credit for the good work of others.

Anonymous said...

Would quarter million not be considered cheap for a project as contraversal as Natadola?

Is it that they are all fired because the project has ended up successful after a new board had to take over when the old board got fired after the December 2006 events.

Is it use by date seems to be over and thse who remain want to take credit for the good work achieved in Natadola.

Afterall 1/4 million $$ is not much more for that major work when comparing with the salary of the chair person John Prasad, Francis Narayan and John Sami. Measuring legal fee - AG in Colonial was pain $160k + to do far less then the Natadola project as a full time job in the past year I guess.

I am sure Fiji has spent more on QC's to legal case against Qarase for far less work then the Natadola Project. And losing all that fee to take us to abbrogation of the constitution because of poor legal representation.

Rate of Return for that was nil when comparing with Rate of Return that would be on Natadola Project.