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Friday, July 10, 2009

Forum urged to increase pressure

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement has urged Pacific Islands Forum Leaders to increase pressure and impose more sanctions agaisnst Fiji's interim regime, in a bid to force it to hold early elections.

The Australian based organisation, in its reaction to Frank Bainimarama's address on Fiji's roadmap to democracy, says the 1997 Constitution can never be abrogated.

President Usaia Waqatairewa also shot down Bainimarama's claim of the existence of a new legal order saying a "new order can only exist if the people have accepted it".

He said it was futile for the regime to be proclaiming acceptance of the new legal order to the international community because the world is fully aware of suppression of dissent and anti-regime statements because of censorship and Public Emergency Regulations.

Waqatairewa reminded regional leaders that if they engage in dialogue with Bainimarama, then they are "doing business with a common criminal who has raped democracy of his country and pilfered the national assets of his people."

He says the fact that the regime has delayed the start of constitutonal reforms to September 2012 is an excuse to prolong their self imposed stay in power beyond 2014.


SEMI MEO said...

Should Grand Chief Somare, a Pacific Chiefly father figure be giving benefit of doubt to the Commodores propensity to see the Democratic light by late this years, then the “wantok” meet may be worth while.

Conversely, however, should the Grand Chief be obligated by any emotional blackmail stemming from his cherished and Chiefly comradeship with the father in law of two present cabinet ministers, then this should be condemned as unwantok way! His eulogy in Lakeba, Lau during Fiji’s Grand Democracy Saint would have taken a priced Oscar performance!

But again the, wantoks Melanesian cousins may just be fed up with the Fijians being classified as sub-white and elite blacks…dashing to phone the Anglo big brothers that they’ve done well in…eh….rebuking Bainimarama and telling him where to take his commodore uniform.

mark manning said...

No man is above the Law !
My concern with the Pacific Island way of doing things is that people can misuse their Chiefly titles to their own advantage.
It's because of this, that the Democratic process is the preferred option.
Interestingly, many Islanders seem confused and unable to recognise the difference between God's Law and man's Law and so continue to misrepresent both and intertwine them with earthly matters and affairs.
Clearly, Frank Bainimarama has broken man's Law at many many levels !
He is still wanted for questioning for his alleged involvement regarding the murders of 5 C.R.W. Soldiers in 2000 and possibly another 4 Fijian Civilians since December the 5th. 2006, as well as Sedition and High Treason against the State.
Not only should this man be ignored by the Pacific Island Forum Leaders, but he should be arrested for his crimes against fellow Fijians and the Government of Fiji.
As for his crimes against God, that's a matter for the Almighty, not the Chiefs of any country.

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