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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Analysis: Bainimarama planned Iloilo's retirement

Contrary to the announcement this afternoon by the interim regime’s head, Frank Bainimarama, that President Ratu Josefa Iloilo has announced his retirement, sources have told us that Iloilo was forced into early retirement by the regime.

We have confirmation that the Tui Vuda’s retirement as President and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces was planned by the regime soon after the appointment of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as vice president in late April after the abrogation of the Constitution on April the 10th.

Sources have told us that the regime has been discussing a retirement package for Iloilo for more than two months.

And with the civil service reshuffle announced this week, in which Secretary to the President, Rupeni Nacewa was listed as retiring, our sources were on the verge of confirming that Government House will have a new occupant as President.

Commissioner Western Joeli Rokovada was announced as the new Secretary to the President.

Rokovada was replaced by Permanent Secretary for Justice Pio Tikoduadua - in what is seen as a demotion for the army officer. But he is now being seconded to the Office of the interim prime minister.

Bainimarama also told the media he visited Iloilo today. The ageing President who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, was visited by chiefs of the Western Division almost two months ago and the regime had then stated the chiefs were happy with Iloilo and wanted him to continue as President.

Nailatikau will now act as President. Bainimarama said the interim cabinet will advice the Chief Justice Anthony Gates about the new appointment.

Under the 1997 Constitution, the President was appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs to serve a term of 5 years and a maximum 2 terms totaling 10 years.

Iloilo was re-appointed towards the end of 2005 by the GCC together with Roko Tui Bau Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi as Vice President. He had initially publicly announced that he would not accept re-appointment but changed his mind a few weeks later, apparently on Bainimarama’s advice.

Following the abrogation of the Constitution, Iloilo re-appointed himself as President under the Executive Authority of Fiji Decree of 10th April.


ex Fiji tourist said...

poor 'president' bernie has reached his used-by date by the illegal jaundiced junta so he is axed.

The word is out that a number of ambassadors have started to speak freely about 'bernie' complaining of his 'imprisonment'.

Anonymous said...

Send him to St. Giles where he belongs. The people of Vuda and their so called Tui Vuda (Tui Da) have been used by Voreqe and they cannot do nothing about it.

Momodonu & Co. should be ashamed of themselves for selling themselves to Voreqe and are now being thrown out without a casre in the world.

mark manning said...

If the President was aware enough to refuse to sign a decree based on his personal beliefs, does that suggest that he has in fact always been aware and if that is the case, does that make him guilty of high Treason like Frank and Co.
Another possibly is that he actually has moments of awareness, and that could explain his contradictory behaviour in supporting/ not supporting, Frank’s illegal Regime at different times.
Speaking of Frank, if the rumours are correct that he is receiving $500,000 a year, then that would be $9,615.38c a week.
Assuming he was originally making $280 per week, then Frank is now receiving 34.34 times what he used to make !
How much, all the other Soldiers should be asking, has their pay gone up in the same period ?

mark manning said...

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If nothing else is working, play football !

Anonymous said...

The so-called President is retiring with so much shame! The Vuda people should be ashamed that their Chief has taken this country to the doldrums!

Now His excellent-cici wants to take his outstanding leave! I mean this guy has been on leave all this time he has been referred to as the "President". What a laugh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kania na da Tui Vuda - You should spend whatever is left of your sorry miserable life in Naboro for crimes against the people of Fiji.