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Monday, July 13, 2009

Key says consensus against Fiji intact

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key believes a Pacific-wide consensus against Fiji's military regime has not been broken, despite three Melanesian country's supporting the interim government of Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

Leaders of the countries which form the Melanesian Spearhead Group - Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu - have praised Commodore Bainimarama's plans to delay elections until 2014.

The countries say they will lobby the Pacific Leaders Forum to lift sanctions against the regime at next month's meeting in Cairns.

However Mr Key told Radio New Zealand's current affairs programme Morning Report the group had not asked for Fiji to be re-admitted to the forum.

Mr Key said during his visit to the Pacific last week he sensed the leaders of those nations were frustrated by some of the actions taken by Fiji.

He believes Melanesian support is based on a genuine desire to see Fiji come up with a workable solution that will deliver democracy and end the long-term coup culture in Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Sure minister Key 7 others fully comprehend what the term 'failed state' implies - means.

Anonymous said...

Australia & NZ do not have to worry about these so called Melenisian Leaders as Bainimarama and his crooks will be booted out of power by the Methodist Church before the Pacific Islands Forum.

The power of prayer is so great and our Lord Jesus Christ is greater thasn all the other pagan Gods and prophets.

Long live the Methodist Church and its leaders - Not like my Catholic Leaders who are a bunch of crooks and have no guts.

Anonymous said...

PNG, Vanuatu nd Sol Is please stay out of Fiji's affairs! Just try and improve your lot first!

You all resemble the tinpot dictator that Fiji is entertaining at the moment.

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