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Friday, July 24, 2009

Lasaro and Kanailagi in Court

Two former Methodist church leaders appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon, a day after Rewa's paramount chief and the president and general secretary of the church were released on bail.

Reverends Manasa Lasaro and Tomasi Kanailagi appeared before magistrate Eparama Rokoika charged with participating in a meeting in contravention of the Public Emergecy Regulations.

It is alleged both attended last Friday's meeting of the Church Standing Committee.

Both were represented by lawyer Aseri Vakaloloma while the State was represented by DPP John Rabuku who as given 21 days to file disclosures.

Both were released on a bail of $500 each and will re-appear in Court on August 13th. The two clergies have ben ordered to surrender their passports to Court by Monday morning.

Magistrate Rokoika also ruled that both Lasaro and Kanailagi cannot attend the Church conference or a meeting that talks about politics.

The charging of the duo brings to five the number of Church clergies and a paramount chief being persecuted by the regime for being associated with moves to hold the annual conference to be hosted by Ro Teimumu in the chiefly village of Lomanikoro, Rewa next month.


Anonymous said...

God is with you and the Methodist Church will survive the test of time in Fiji.

The same cannotr be said about Frank, Teleni and all the other crooks.

Jenny Seeto stop klidding yourself about transparency and accountability when you have no guts to stand up and tell Voreqe and the Military Junta about the corruption and theft that is goinbg on in fiji everyday - So please shut up as you are just another one of theses coup supporters.

mark manning said...

What would it take to make a Fijian stand up for his rights ?
At the moment, Frank has directly challenged the Fijian Community by arresting a High Chief, but where does a rogue Commander get the Authority to make an illegal arrest ?
The answer, the Community of Indigenous Fijians, by sitting on their backsides and doing nothing about it, have given him the Authority to arrest one of their Chiefs.
Frank, like a Mother who is about to bath her infant, has dipped his elbow into the water to test how hot it is, and he is satisfied now, that he can go ahead and do as he pleases.
There is, it seems, absolutely no resistance , apart from the Methodist Ministers, from any other part of the Fijian Society.
You should not test the Lord, he has sent many natural disasters to help you in your struggle, flooding in Nadi, earth quakes off Tonga, unemployment, no subsidy from the E.U. for the sugar, a reduction in the peace keeping deployments, an increase in HIV, swine flu, devaluation of the Fijian Dollar, International travel sanctions, and all these afflictions have been to reduce the income for the Regime, thereby denying Frank and Co. of much needed funding or the ability to prolong this silly coup any longer.
Now, with the arrest of Church ministers and your High Chief, which in any normal society would invoke an immediate response, Indigenous Fijians, it seems, continue to sit and wait for a sign from the Lord !