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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Melanesian support dismays democracy group

A Fiji democracy group says it is disappointed the leaders of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu have given support to Fiji's interim leader Frank Bainimarama.

After meeting Friday with the leaders of the countries which form the Melanesian Spearhead Group, Commodore Bainimarama won their support for the lifting of the suspension of Fiji from the Pacific Islands Forum.

The Melanesian countries plan to take Fiji's case to the Pacific Islands Forum at next month's meeting in Cairns.

The Prime Ministers also praised Commodore Bainimarama's roadmap for Fiji, which will see him in power for five more years.

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, told the ABC he has been convinced that some of Mr Bainimarama's plans were good for Fiji.

The president of the Australian-based Fiji Democracy Movement, Usaia Waqatairewa, says the people of Fiji feel betrayed by the Melanesian leaders' failure to stand up for them.

He says those country's leaders should not be respecting the Commodore, who gained power through a coup - Radio NZ


ex Fiji tourist said...

The key word in somare's pathetic utterance is "some".

Maybe the "some" is talk of elections and he considers the rest of it to be nonsense.

It is a shame that he didn't tell this to bananasinpyjamas to his face.

Anonymous said...

Not just them - this is a disgrace!!

How could these people be so unintelligent and unprincipled?

This regime will not last! And when it goes, the people of Fiji will remember who were its friends, and who were not, when the chips were down.

Anonymous said...

The support by PNG, SI and Vanuatu just shows how ignorant they are about good governance and justice. How shallow they are in their views of running a country. They are dead wrong if they think that a future transparently elected Fiji leader will want to embrace them. What a bunch of useless traitors. Please spend your energy improving the lives of your people first.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm assuming usaia waqatairewa lives in australia; so how would he know that "the people of fiji feel betrayed by the Melanesian leaders' failure to stand up for them"!!! to be honest many of the people here really dont care or even know for that matter about the "melanesian leaders' failure". Right now all they are worried about is putting food on the table.An even more talked about worry right now is the H1N1 flu outbreak we are experiencing. So please dont sit in your comfy homes overseas and try to tell people how we feel in Fiji because you obviously have no idea.

Anonymous said...

anonymous no.4 the people of Fiji voted 85% in support of an SDL/FLP coalition in May 2006. Six months later they had a tippot wannabe dictator grabbing power via the barrel of a gun and overthrowing those they wanted to govern them and all they have had since then is one misery after the other and would like to get out of this nightmare by getting rid of this tinpot dictator who has brought them so much misery that includes a now daily struggle to put food on the table due to the no school dictators policies such as wholesale sacking of thousands of civil servants while recruiting 450 new soldiers, allow a cruise boat infested with swine flu to land in Fiji when the same ship has been banned in Sydney and Brisbane a few days before. Such leadership has gutted the feelings of the people of Fiji and they would be thinking the melanesians leaders would help them get rid of this unwanted leader by not entertatining him in their country. That is one of two simle reaons they would feel betrayed. Okay shallow minded idiot???

Anonymous said...

These so called Melenisian Leaders should sit back and reflect on the words of Barrack Obhama today in the most democratic nation in Africa (Ghana).



Anonymous said...

anonymous no 5 the point that i tried to put across in my earlier comment was that people overseas tend to speak on our behalf like they know about the reality of what is happening on the ground.he made a statement saying"the people of Fiji". if he did speak to some people in Fiji regarding that issue then he could have said'the people i spoke to" or even "i think the people of Fiji" would have been better. But to generalise things like that is so wrong ,it gives the impression that everyone in Fiji is feeling betrayed;when in reality that isnt so.Yes there will be people here who will have very strong opinions about the "MSG failure" but the majority of people here are really sick and tired of all the politics and if welcoming Fiji means lifting of some of the sanctions then bring it on!. To an onlooker that may seem like a pro Bainimarama stance but it is not. I am not a Bainimarama nor am i a SDL supporter.As for the struggling to put food on the table issue, that was around even during the SDL era.Your statement suggests that coup brought about all these hardships when in reality we have been struggling all our lives.As for the H1N1 cases, the first case was that of a man coming back from Australia and the subsequent cases after that just sort of branched out from that first case.When the Pacific Dawn came all necessary precautions were taken,custom and health officials were the first to board the liner to ascertain if it was safe for the passengers to disembark.Out of the 65 cases that we now have not one of them is related to the Pacific Dawn visit.As for the "thousands" of civil servants laid off due to the retirement age, hundreds more people;mostly young graduates who hadn't been able to secure employment; also got employed. Those are just some FACTS about what is happening here right now.If you are going to make comments please speak on the Facts and refrain from childish name-calling that you seem to have degraded yourself to.

Anonymous said...

No 6. so you are saying lift the sanctions, recognise and support Bainimarama's initiatives even though it breaks our laws then what?

Lets believe that a person who has committed treason, has lied his way till now, has pilfered the national coffers almost dry will simply hand over power come 2014?

Maybe food on the table now and Zimbabwe in 2014 or maybe Burma in 2024?

Anonymous said...

Anon #6 - SDL era was no picnic, but the Regime era is demonstrably WORSE. Pick almost any economic indicator you care to name, and you will see in black and white (and that's just 2008, which is much better than this year).

What's worse, the people of Fiji currently have NO SAY in any of that. We have no electoral say, and we have no mass media say. Did you ever think why the Regime feels such a strong need to impose their ridiculous PER? Why fear the voice of the people so much, if you don't think it will go badly for you? Your claims don't add up!

Although there were problems before the coup, the numbers of people suffering dissatisfaction, hardship and frustration are all greater now than before. The reasons for this are easy to identify and can in most cases be traced back to the Regime itself.

When any politician makes reference to "the people", he is either referring to his electorate, or the general/majority population. It is not a reference to 100% of the population, as this would be a ludicrous claim. It is a pretty safe bet that a significant majority of people are not happy with the way things are going in Fiji at present.

That is what people are sick and tired of - not politics. If they were sick of politics then that would be another reason to be sick of the regime, since pretty much everything Frank is pursuing is political grandstanding dressed up as Constitutional restructure.

If you think that people would not naturally hold someone responsible for the mess Fiji is in - that has already been ruled illegal - then you are dreaming. That is basic politics 101, and people are educated enough to know that non economic sanctions directed at perpetrators who CAUSED Fiji's deteriorating problems in the first place, are not primarily responsible for any of our current troubles.

You also sound like you don't live in Fiji either, as you are clearly out of touch with the very palpable mood of most people on the street. You ask any one of them about whether Fiji is better off today, and you'll get a resounding NO!! And you ask any one if they know who or what is responsible, the majority will tell you - Frank and his coups. And that's even with all the specifically racist targeting of Fijians with propaganda lies through the FBCL Fijian services!

wantok-ideology said...

As someone who has never been to Fiji, can somebody please tell me why there is so much activity on the Fiji blogosphere regarding this coup leader since his military take over..... and yet no seems to want to fight back physically?

I mean, what is wrong with you people? Are you too timid, that all you can do is talk? Where is that warrior mentality that you had in your past?

Rise up and fight! What is wrong with you? Rise up and fight! Flatten their ties. Petrol bomb their houses after dark. Chop down their trees, poison their chickens, steal their fruits, stone their windows, write graffiti on their fences and gates, burn tyres and place them on the road, make bomb from fertilizer and blow it.....make life hard for your illegal rulers.

Don't just sit there. Talk is cheap. The political process will never work on a military government.

The PIF will not help you, the MSG will not help you, and China will not help you. USA will not intervene either.

Iranians can fight just after one electoral miscount and were willing to die for it.

Where are the men? Where are the real men? Stand up and be counted.

Your destiny is in your hands. Until the real men decide in their heart that freedom is an ideal worth shedding blood for, then shall freedom be realised.

Freedom does not come through negotiation. It comes through the shedding of blood.

You have had it too easy in Fiji up until a few years ago that is why you do not know how to respond when your freedom suddenly gets eroded.

The longer you wait, the more your nation loses its shine. Every other PI nation may start to leave you behind in economy terms.

This is what I don't understand about Fiji. Too many timid people. Rise up and fight! Rise up and fight!