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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New constitution by 2013

Frank Bainimarama has announced that work on a new Constitution will start in September 2012 – almost 3 years from now.

Outlining the regime’s strategic framework for change, Bainimarama told Fiji today that the regime’s current focus or priority is to strengthen the economy, bring in land reforms and improve infrastructure.

He said essentially, the next 3 years will be devoted to socio-economic and infrastructure conditions, followed by the formulation of what he described as a modern day Constitution.

He says the new Constitution will be based on the Peoples Charter.

Bainimarama re-iterated the new Constitution will entrench common and equal citizenry, eradicate ethnic voting - or in other words remove guaranteed communal seats for Fijians, Indians and General Electors - reduce the voting age to 18, and have systems to hold an administration accountable with more checks and balances.

The interim prime minister said the new Constitution would be in place by September 2013, claiming it will give time for all citizens and candidates for the September 2014 elections to familiarize themselves with its provisions.

He says the new Constitution will be translated into the vernacular languages and pocket sized copies will be made available to all people.

Bainimarama said political parties, civil society groups and all citizens will be consulted before a Constitution is finalised.


Anonymous said...

This mean Indian Fijian Kiwi Sami's going to bless us with his presence again?

SEMI MEO said...

Soo…let’s guess ..mmmm…between now and September 2012 infrastructure developments funded by China will be commissioned in “marginal” or “deviant constituency” whose Military allegiance may be suspect. In appreciation for their services, these thousands of Chinese skills and Labour force may be quickly offered immediate Citizenship irrevocably sealed by, yet, another Chino Immigration Decree to register as voters in those “marginal” or “deviant constituency”…and additional privilege to adopt any number of children from China over 18 years old.

May be a “Tongan Passport” type sales campaign may be directed to China, North Korea…and…India to increase "neutral" common voteers.

“Faithful” foreign Investors under the Tax holiday or Duty except portfolio may be Decreed the privilege of say..mmm...4 corporate votes each as in local Governmt elections.

..conman…opps common votes will be plenty to determine our common future!!

Let the bidding war begin between China and Australia whose going to fund Fiji’s Constitutional referendum, Electoral Boundaries Commission and 2020..opps..2014 Elections…any takers…lets start with 400 Million dollars!!.... what ?..PNG’s offer!!

Anonymous said...

How would this make ANYTHING any different than it is today?

The only real difference would be that we would have an official document that most people didn't recognize, as opposed to a document-creation process that most didn't recognize (or even take part in).

Frank is talking about "fixing" Fiji's economic problems first. But how? He hasn't given any credible mechanism for that.

(Moreover, nobody needs to be reminded that the economic problems Fiji is facing are ones that Frank himself aggravated out of all manageability in the first place! And we have no guarantees that he won't do so again with his bull-in-a-china-shop bravado)

As I've said elsewhere:

"No matter what colour you paint the boat,
if it doesn't float, it doesn't float!"

Anonymous said...

Just take that new Constitution and use it to clean that area where the sun don't shine! That's all it will be good for.

Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone brave enough in Fiji to immediately stop this dictator. What's happening to all the Fijian brothers. Come on and wake up brothers.

Anonymous said...

We planning for Hibiscus Carnival wakie wakie bye bye frankie...

Anonymous said...

@ Semi.
Doubts about PNG bid - pay in pigs (real ones).