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Friday, July 31, 2009

Regime releases two new decrees as Iloilo prepares to depart

As predicted by Coupfourpointfive, two days ago, retiring President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, who appointed himself as Head of State and Commander of Republic of Fiji Military Forces after abrogating the Constitution, has been used by the interim regime to promulgate amendments to two critical decrees.

These decrees are 2 and 8 - Executive Authority of Fiji Drecree and the Office of the Vice President and Succession Decree.

In doing so under the New Legal Order, the regime continues to violate with impunity and blatancy, its own illegal laws - albeit laws made through earlier Decrees.

The latest Decrees - Executive Authority of Fiji (Amendment) Decree, Decree 28, and Office of the Vice President Succession (Amendment) Decree, Decree 29, were posted today on the regime's online website.

Decrees 2 and 8 were amended to allow Vice-President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau to act as President and for the regime's interim Cabinet to instruct Chief Justice Anthony Gates who to appoint President.

Decrees 2 and 8 - promulated under Iloilo's name on the 10th and the 16th - did not carry any provisions for retirement, resignation, removal or replacement of the Tui Vuda as President because he appointed himself to the role, effectively shutting the door on anyone else taking up office.

Decrees 28 and 29 are dated Thursday 30th July - the day Iloilo announced he was retiring and would take leave immediately.

The new Decree 29 - Office of the Vice President and Succession Decree - states the "Vice President performs functions of the President if the President is absent from duty or from Fiji or is for any other reason unable to perform the functions of his or her office or if the Office of the President becomes vacant for any reason".

No such provision existed in Decree 8.

Decree 28 - Executive Authority of Fiji (Amendment) Decree now has a new section (3A) and states:

a) If the Office of the President becomes vacant, the Chief Justice acting on the advice of the interim Cabinet, shall appoint another person to become President.

The criteria for nomination and appointment requires the person to be a Fiji tizen with a distinguished career in any aspect of national or international life, whether in the public or private sector.

The term has been reduced from 5 years to 3 year but allows him or her to be eligible for re-appointment.

Under the Constitution, both the President and Vice-President could serve a maximum of two 5-year terms in their respective Offices but were not eligible for re-appointment after that.

Editor's Note: See right of the blog for the new Decrees 28 and 29.


SEMI MEO said...

Why not we resolve to accept the reality of the present political situation in beloved Fiji. Let us further resolve NOT to be any longer delving and stunned in denial.

Do we condone the origin and the blatant acts of 051206? NO!! NEVER!!

Hello, lets wake up!! Many of us were demanding the removal of the sickly President, Turaga na Tui Vuda. Do we want Ratu Iloilo to stay on? Goodness NO!! Give the Vanua the opportunity to serve their Chief for the rest of his natural life in well-earned retirement.

What is the big fuss about amending pieces of legislation or in this case; a decree to facilitate a vital piece of our building block towards imminent return to democratic rule?

Let’s move on, 2014 is just around the corner, Goodness!!

Or do we enjoy throwing spanners in the works until 2024??!!

Anonymous said...

Semi, you starting to morph into a coup apologist? Kua mada na matrix tiko... unplug your head and reenter the real world.

SEMI MEO said...

@ Anonymous #1, gonei, there is NO MORE "coup apologist" in Fiji!! Dur!!

Only realist in all levels of the Fiji community. Though you’re faceless and nameless, but let’s afford you the honour to interact sanely; Believe you me, our people just wanna move on from apologist of any kinda philosophy and move on.

Why should we subscribe to the few of you whining conspiracy theorist of unfounded nothingness !!..yep, we are fed up with a few of you bloggers blatant disregard for any thing positive to contribute to our return to sanity and democratic governance. Just oppose anything that moves are their forte, while our people cry for a solution, contributing nothingness.

That, in fact, relegates them to ”coup apologist” dwelling and mingling on coup phenomenon, while the rest of us realist; sons and daughters of beloved Fiji move ahead to healing and restoration, so we may avoid any more blooming Coup!!

Anonymous said...

Semi, you are truly deluded if you believe that by accepting this illegal regime's agenda, we are actually helping Fiji return to 'democracy'.

You actually sound more like a defeatist than a realist because even realists have their minimum standards when comes to freedom and democracy.

You would have us accept whatever form of 'democracy' is offered to us by this military regime, even if what they offer is not really a democracy but a thinly veiled form of autocracy.

Let me make this very clear to you - our freedom is negotiable!!!

We must get our freedom and our 'democracy' back in the same shape and form which existed in Fiji before it was unceremoniously taken from us by this bunch of self-righteous self-serving bunch of nutjobs in December 2006.

What the military backed regime is actually proposing to the people of Fiji is that from now until the end of time, the Fiji Military Forces shall have overriding control over the future of Fiji's political landscape deciding who stands in elections, which parties participate and what policies are implemented by any elected government.

In other words, if they don't like what they see, they have the right to take over again and again and again!

Is that the kind of 'democracy' you want us settle for?

You are no realist, you are a fool!

SEMI MEO said...

Again, for your benefit oh faceless and nameless one; Do we condone the seditious acts of 051206, Goodness, NO!!
But let’s be realist, its is August 2009, NOT January 2007!!
We believe it is time for all hands on deck, or do we choose to continue in fantasy land waiting for a miraculous atomic bomb and military invasion or trade embargo to wipe out the perpetrators of the 051206 event, reinstate the 1997 constitution, give back Mr. Qarase’s PM job? Do you think on nameless one that this Dictator will step down?? Mate, dream on!!
Come on!! Let’s wake up. Our people back home have, and decide to move on with life; Coup or no Coup!! I know as LAST WEEK I made a shuttle one week tour of ALL level of our Fiji community and have discounted many myths flying around blog sites!! I entered the camp, Government building, markets, Methodist and Pentecostal churches, grog parties, villages, squatters, hotels, Courts. Believe you me; ALL of them just wanna move on!! Let’s all do that shall we??
It is time, for once to stop looking at ourselves, and focus on rebuilding our beloved nation. The wise Leaders of the Methodist Church have made that decision, the thousand of formers Fiji Citizens reinstating their Fiji Citizenship have, every man and his dog have.
IT is only foreigners and whingers running around with placards that love throwing spanner in the works of our zest for an equitable resolve!! Goodness, life is for living!! Let’s live!!

Oh..and what is you solution that would keep kasera on our relative table and your path to sanity and democracy, may we ask oh nameless and faceless one??

And be very careful who you call "fool"..because I know some cowards who hide under the amonimity to spew their contribution to nothingness!!

Email me: semimeo@gmail.com so we may communicate like real Fijians!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that you visited the military "camp" as your first stop when you were last in Fiji (to say nothing of the fact that you seem to have an affinity for navy phrases like "all hands on deck") tells us a lot about your perspective on the Fiji political situation.

You could visit a hundred different places in Fiji for all I care but if you try to analyse the Fiji situation with tainted glasses then you will see and hear only what you want.

Unlike you, I live in Fiji so I would like to think I am in a better position than you to judge the pulse of the nation.

Semi, you are exactly what you appear to be, a shameless pro-regime propagandist, ergo a FOOL!

I have nothing more I wish to say about your warped views.


SEMI MEO said...

My visiting the “Camp” was to make good a dare I made to another of your co-faceless blogger that I do not fear no one, but GOD!! The dare?.. next in Fiji I will stroll into the camp even if they give me a bit of training. The opportunity arise when I went to burry yet another brother last week and went into the camp to follow up on my late soldier kids brother’s estate who died late last year.

I met many Col, Majors, Commanders, Sergeants, and Privates on the way in and out of the camp. These boys are just ordinary taukei blokes; career soldiers. Some I know, some I don’t.

Please come out from hiding and smell the roses, buy bila and vakalolo from the market or BBQ from roadside vendor, sit and have grog in the market, go attend Methodist or Lotu qiriqiri, walk around Jittu Estate, visit Government Building, hang around outside Courts, in may of this places I went incognito, sulu vakataga flip-flop and all.

What pulse you have your fingers on? The only “pulse” their shaky fingers are locked to measure their own heavy breathing WHEN THERE IS NO REASON TO LIVE IN FEAR!! Goodness!!

I also say..NEXT!!