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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rika gets PINA Freedom Award

Fiji Times editor Netani Rika was tonight awarded the Pacific Islands News Association Freedom Award.

On Monday Rika walked out of the PINA conference in Vanuatu because a censor from Fiji's Ministry of Information was present.

In May he gave a speech titled "Courage under Fire" at the Pacific Freedom Forum regional workshop in Apia.

In his speech, Rika detailed how hard it was for the media in Fiji to work under strict censorship and how censors from the Ministry of Information came to the newsroom everyday to monitor what was being published.

He said in protest, the Fiji Times published blank pages in its Sunday Paper and the Fiji Times management was summoned and told that blank pages were not allowed under the Public Emergency Regulations.

He said the censors not only didn't allow stories that were deemed anti-regime but the Fiji Times was also not allowed to publish stories on the protests in Thailand and the assasination attempt on Barrack Obama.


Anonymous said...

What a joke? This racist and apologist for ethnic-nationalism gets an award for media freedom?

Spare me.

Anonymous said...

Netani you and your reporters at Fiji times are the true heros of Fiji. Not like boci Vijay Narayan at FM 96 and those at Fiji Sun.

Voreqe is history and will be destroyed by the power of God for his sins.

mark manning said...

The first casualty of war is truth .

Anonymous said...

To the first commentator, your language is very familiar and in sync with the corrupt regime. Netani Rika has more courage and guts than you and the regime cronies. All you can do is launch senseless attacks against him and his innocent family. Stop hiding behind petticoats and convince your masters to DO THE RIGHT THING AND DON'T DEFECATE ALL OVER FIJI.

To Netani Rika and the rest of ethical journalists of Fiji- keep your chin up. Truth will prevail at any cost.

Anonymous said...

Anon July 30 - 8.14 am - get a life !

Netani stood up and was counted. He is of true moral character and he is to be admired for calling a spade a spade !

Anonymous said...

People like Rika have only one goal... burning Suva down to the ground in the pursuit of some perverted form of 'justice' for a flailing indigenous cause.